Wanted, shoes advice;; press fastening not laces


I use running shoes/trainers for general casual use and for playing table tennis. I don't like lace-up shoes and would like to know of any good quality shoes that are velcro or some other kind of non-lace fastening.

There don't seem to be many about...

Thank you for reading.




  • Get elastic laces, they basically turn any pair of running shoes into slipons

  • Have you tried replacing your laces with something like Lock Laces? They're quite expensive and not to everyone's taste, but I quite like them

  • No, I hadn't thought of that -- didn't even know they existed!!

    Thank you, I shall try them. 


    I have just googled (I am old enough to know how wonderful it is to be able to do that...image) Lock Laces; super stuff, if there are any better varieties I'd be keen to know but they really look the ticket, thanks again.

  • i think the brand Lock Laces are the originals. There are cheaper alternatives on ebay though

  • The eBay ones are exactly the same, but are £3, instead of £12.  Or, you can source your own elastic and buy a couple of toggles from an outdoor shop for a quid!

  • They're always 'reduced' to 2 quid a pair in sports direct

  • Buy some cheap elastic bungee from eBay. Does the same thing. I think that you need 2 or 3 mm thick. 

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