310xt or something newer, Tomtom, Nike?

Hello folks.  Been looking into getting a GPS watch.  Tempted by the price drop on the 310xt (places offering sub-150 quid including HRM) but wondering if technology has moved on since it was launched, compared to newer stuff from Tomtom and others.

I do the occasional cycle ride so would be looking for a "multi-sport" watch, interval capable with HRM.  Used to have a Garmin 305 until it broke image

Is the 310xt still competitive?



  • I know of a few seriously competitive - as in sponsored athletes who are running internationally - ultra peeps who still use the 310xt. Also know of a few who are still using the old 305. If it's good enough for them.... image

    The newer version of the 310xt is the 910xt. Main difference (I think!) is that you can get software updates for it online which I don't think you can get for the 310. But I may be wrong on this!

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