The Canterbury 10k

Living quite close to Canterbury I thought I might give this a try. What are the plans to sort the cattle grids?

I know this area quite well; whats the state of the stour at the moment?



  • Website says they're covering up the Cattle Grids, I've just signed myself up. Can't believe I hadn't heard about this run earlier, I live so close!

  • The Stour is going down nicely.
  • have come accross this on rw by accident- how did I not know about this- this is one of my usual runs

    However Ive not run it since before christmas as lots of the path has been under water!

  • we covered the cattle grids last year but the 6mm ply wasn't up to it so this year its being doubled to 12mm - should be enough ! There is still some standing water on parts of the path but barring any more long periods of heavy rain it should disappear .

  • just about to sign up too. very excited as such a beautiful route (although I haven't ran that distance along it!!!! )


    good luck to every one and remember, have fun image

  • Is there a time limit at all?
  • I went for a run along the Stour yesterday at lunch time and the path is still flooded in various points, expecially under the A2 bridge... My Mizuno weren't happy image

  • no time limit as such although we expect everyone back in 90mins or so  , water has all but disappeared now

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