Horizon: The truth about exercise.

SO, a borderline diabetic gets some pro tests done. He is given a very interesting exercise regime for an exercise bike:

3 interval sets of 20 SECONDS at max effort

3 times a week.

A bit more research that I did later (on Wiki), and it's best to do a warm up first, and have a couple of minutes gentle cycle between max efforts.

Apparently, the insulin reacton time was drastically reduced, and the fat burn was far better than a pleasant aerobic run for 30 minutes.

Question. Has anyone tried this, or a variant?


  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Personally I think its a poor message to send. Your average person will not understand what a proper hiit session is. There is never a sustainable short cut that is better than a well developed aerobic system. 

  • I thought this programme was on a while back.

  • If it is the Michael Mosley one then yes it is an old Horizon. He has moved on to swallowing live tapeworm to see what effect it has on weight loss. 

    Andrew Marr was an HIIT user, until he had his stroke.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Yes, it was repeated last night. 

  • Yep old horizon. We've been doing HIIT in spinning for years. We just extend it to 40 mins or so.
  • AR, my wife remided me that Andrew Marr had his stroke as a result of exercise that was in effect HIIT.

    I get the impression that you can't really do max all out effort for 40 minutes, even in 2 mins steady + 20 seconds max.

    I had a bit of a test tonight, after my regular but steady hour of aerobic running, I jumped directly on the bike for 10 minutes. 3 repeats and a warm down. Using the Watts as a measure this was 130W for easy, and 450-500W max. HR was 120 on recovery, which is fine for me, but nowhere near Max IIRC.

    Clearly there is a long established history of high intensity interval repeats during running, cycling or swimming sessions. They have their place, but this appears to be even shorter, even harder. Any takers?

  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭

    Was Andrew marr's stroke purely down to HIIT or that in combination with his lifestyle / workaholic lifestyle?

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