New enthusiastic runner

Hello everybody.

My name is Shaun and I am 23 years old.

I took up running in November because I decided to enter myself into my local half marathon. 

I am currently into week 8 of 12 of my training and I have been really enjoying the new challenge. 

I look forward to taking part in discussions with you all and learning more about my new favorite hobby!



  • Well done on getting started and good luck in your half! Which are you doing? How are you finding the training?

  • Hey Matt

    It is the Inverness Half Marathon on the 9th of March

    Training has been going very well thanks. A few niggles but avoided anything serious by taking good advice and doing a bit of swatting up too.

  • Good luck I'm doing my first half marathon the same day but in Nottinghamshire. Wot sort of distances are you running out of interest?
  • Hey Nick, thanks for the reply and good luck with yours too, how has your training been going?

    I have been running between 20-35 miles per week.

    I ran half marathon distance for the first time last night in 1:35:19. I am very happy with that as when I began I thought if I dig deep I could manage a sub 1:35. It seems now that I have been training sub 1:35 is obtainable without overdoing it.

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