Monday 3rd Feb 2014


Todays lyrics:Adventure seeker on an empty street,

Yesterdays lyrics: 'You're the best thing' by Paul Weller

What: 4M: Easy/Steady

Why: Habit

Catch up time

Back later


  • Morning.

    Should have got yesterday's lyrics birks. You still playing the guitar?

    Dibs - Alehouse is right about the taper. I tend to put the intensity in to distract my body from the fact that volume has decreased and because I can start to climb the walls a bit when I don't exercise.

    What:                turbo/swim
    Why:                 shorter than usual work day means I can fit it in
    Last hard:         19/1
    Last rest:           28/12

    Lyrics - familiar but can't give a definitive 'yes'.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    well raced yesterday RFJ & jnr
    what - easy run
    why - tired
    last rest - dec
    last hard - Sunday
    lyric - nope, but should have got yesterday's

  • What: Nowt AM

    JOG lunchtime

    Gym PM

    Why: I have DOMS

    Last hard: It was yesterdays bike ride which has left me fatigued. Sort of expected I guess.

    Lyrics: Yes
  • Well done RFJ and junior

    still pretty windy

    what: should be LSR

    why: on the schedule

    Last hard: last Monday

    last rest: yesterday

    today's other hard - telling IT dept that big wave did my pager in!

  • Morning LMH: Yeah still playing away.

    Still not caught up...

  • wah, should have got yesterday's lyrics too image

    sorry to hear meds are impacting your running, RFJ. Still a 10mile time I'd kill for, especially over a hilly course. Brilliant stuff from Jr. again. image

    what: probably rest day (says schedule) but may jog 3 miles instead
    why: I always feel rubbish after a complete rest
    last hard: bits of yesterday, especially the start
    last rest: Wednesday
    lyrics: no

  • Afternoon

    RFJ Good racing

    What: 3 miles
    Why: felt ok so why not
    Last Hard: That
    Lyrics: Rings a bell

    Not an easy route lots of ups to start a nice long downhill just before  1 mile a bit flat and some more  ups  to finish contemplated run walking  but  carried on  10:54 pace  so not  quick but satisfied

  • 17.4 done imagemore of a walk-run than a run.image

    How to get an easy negative split: head out into (F8) headwind, along a coastal track taking in a headland or two then turn back onto the road with the same wind behind you.image

  • Full house for me in the end today. 75 minute turbo including some threshold work and short intervals; 2.8k swum and 4 miles run with Grace.

    That's some wind to be running into OH!

    Why not indeed Pammie.

    I'm the same chickadee.

    Any races planned Dustin?


    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • RFJ: Nice time for a man not at his best, congrats to Jnr

    LMH: Thats a good days training

    What: 2 hours of mud plugging on the CX bike, only fell off 4 times
    Why: Too sore to run
    Last Hard: Yesterday
    Last Rest: Saturday

    LyricS Nope

  • Afternoon, if I can still call it that. Still light!

    What: 3.12k gentle, mainly on cinder paths
    Why: wanted to run in the daylight rather than be an alley creeper in the dark. Legs wanted something gentle today.

    Lyrics: yes!

    Nice set, LMH, and nice long "run" OH.

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Hello.  Just this minute back from a 7.1 mile run in 52:38.  Legs still heavy from Saturday but managed a steady pace throughout.

    Lyrics.  Yes.  In 1988 or 1989 when this song came out, I taped it (onto a cassette) over and over again and played it several times in a row.  The rather old fashioned way of playing a song on repeat!! image

  • Evening all,

    One more exam down.. not too bad either.

    Rest day for me! although the 5am get up to travel and on feet all day wasn't great for my very achey legs today! I had aches all night in my lower legs.

    early night me thinks!

  • good plan Dibs


  • Run done 8.3 miles at an aerobic pace 8m/m. Shorts in evidence.
    Then directly on to the pre-prepared bike on the turbo. The aim was a High Intensity Interval Training set. 2min warm up, 20 seconds maxed, 3 repeats, warm down. Just a 10 minute slot.

    Despite the wife's reminder about Andrew Marr, I didn't suffer a stroke.

    Dibs, glad to hear that you sound positive.

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