1st time half marathon-help!

I've been running twice a week, 6miles each time and cross training, I plan on increasing the miles to get up to 10 miles on one run but it's not long to go now as the race is on the 2nd March, will this plan be ok ? help, can I do it ? What other advise can you give me ?


  • I always thought that you needed to really run 3 times a week to get a good improvement, maybe as there is only a month to go try upping the frequency of your runs to three, as well as stretching one of the runs as long as you can, add a mile or two for the next couple of weeks, have a light week the week before it, so you aren't exhausted.

    In fact you don't have that much time at all if you up your longest run by two miles each weekend you will get 8, then 10, then the weekend after that is the weekend before your half, so a bit late to be dong your first 11 or 12 mile run as you might still be recovering from it the day of your half.

    Good luck image

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Agree with Booktrunk. Not a lot you can do now as is a bit close to the race.

    My advice would be for next time, follow a proper structured half marathon plan.
  • Thanks guys, I was following the runners world plan, but the long runs didn't go above 7miles ? It just built up the miles over the week rather than in one go. 

  • Laura, are you doing the Llanelli Waterside on 2.Mar ?

    I'm booked on that one and its extremely flat so if you take it easy, run nice and slow, there's no reason you cant get all the way round, if you increase your training as mentioned by Booktrunk !


    Good luck

  • No, I think she is doing the Tunbridge Wells half, which has a giant hill in the middle. My advice would be to take the hill nice and steadily, as the rest won't be anywhere near as challenging if you make sure you've got enough left in the tank by the time you get to the top.

  • TW Half actually have pacers that know the course inside out (i ran with the pace team practising on the course yesterday) and they know exactly how best to pace the route bearing in mind the big hill in the middle.

    Sticking with them will make sure you don't go off too fast and run consistently

  • Thank you for all your advise

  • Just being curious but which RW plan are you following?

    It certainly is possible to train for a HM on 2 runs a week as my OH used to do just that (short run midweek, long run weekend) but yes, since he's started running more he's found it easier!

  • You chose what your training for, when, what level you want to train at and what time you finished your last race in and then it comes up with a plan for you. That's reassuring to know, thank you.

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