Tiredness on long runs

Hi All,

Any avdice would be most helpful.

I have been running now for about 8 years and have run numerous 10ks, 3 half marathons and 2 full marathons.

I am currently training for the Brighton Marathon in April although recently I have found that my levels of energy on long runs are well below what they used to be. I can set off and after only 2 or 3 miles I need to stop for a recovery breather, I could run 10 miles without stopping 3 years ago but now find myslef needing these mini breathers during a long run, I'm not setting out too fast and run at a comfortable pace, I eat a bowl of porridge and a banana an hour before setting out and make sure I am well hydrated and take a drink with me on these runs, so why would I be struggling? Is there anything else I could do? 

Thanks WS.    



  • possibly check your iron levels? if you are even mildly anaemic it can affect your ability to process oxygen. image

  • Thanks MM I will work on that....WS image

  • Have you considered having a full health check up if that's a possibility for you? There are quite a few possibilities I could think of, from anaemia (as above) through to allergy-induced asthma, to the normal aging process.

    Best of luck.


  • That depends I think. Are you starting up the long distances again or is it a sudden drop in energy level? If you just start your distance traning again I would not worry too much at this point (if and when your health is OK and it is not a sudden drop in which case I would go and have your blood checked out). Maybe it is not a bad idea to start with a run walk run scenario for the first few miles. I bet you are even faster than if you would keep pushing and suddenly need to walk because you become too tired. During my last long training run of 27 miles I started with run walk run and I really mean run walk run (2 minutes run and 30 sec walk). I did that for a couple of miles, prolonged the running bits and ended with a great training pace, much better than my previous 20 or 23 miles with continuous running. And I felt great. Just give it a try and see if it works out for you image

    Happy running

  • Gaz,

    Thanks, I have a bi-annual health check through my employer which was only back in October of last year, I do have a low blood platlet count so this could be a contributing factor?  It's certainly not asthma as I suffered from this in childhood and the symptons are nothing like that of asthma.


    I think you may have a good point there, I will give the run/walk a try on Sunday, after all there is no shame in walking during these training sessions.

    I have been training for the Brighton Marathon since November the long runs just seem like hard work, I will persist and monitor any improvement.

    Thanks Chaps. WS   


  • @ WS: Just give it a try and see how that feels. And... shame in walking? Since I started training with the RWR method I became faster and less tired image Google Jeff Galloway and you will see wat I mean. I will run a 30 mile training run this Sunday and you bet I will use the RWR (and I know that I am home sooner than with continous running as well). 

    Happy running image

  • Thanks - I have 15 miles planned this Sunday I will take your advice on board.

    Good luck with your 30 miler.


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