I'll be in Eastbourne for a long weekend, in mid-April. Hotel on the seafront. Looking at the map, it seems good for a run along the prom and then in the direction of Beachy Head.

Anyone around with local knowledge and able to confirm that? Any other tips, such as which shoes to bring? Much obliged!

Some of the running might have to be in the evening, possibly towards sunset (boring conference to attend during the day unless I can sneak off for a while).


  • Which shoes to bring ? Last time I was in Eastbourne it was full of OAPs and those nice comfy ones with velcro straps over seemed all the rage. I'd get a pair of those.

    (FB lives round there - I'm sure he'll have lots of ideas - but the prom sounds nice to me)
  • Bring trail shoes Muttley - get yourself out to Friston Forest or over the Downs to Exceat.

    Don't run on the seafront unless you are good at (old) people dodging. image (you'll need road shoes for the seafront as it's tarmac and brick. ) You can run from Holywell to Sovereign Harbour if you can stand the boredom.

    If you start at Holywell then take the track past the cafe rather than going straight up. There's plenty of short off road loops you can run if the wind is in your favour. It's all open access there.

    Let me know when you're down. image Bring your swimming cossie or wetsuit as we are always swimming in the sea.


  • If you're feeling brave you could run the end bit of the Beachy Head marathon backwards: 


    The Seven Sisters are a bit rolling (this might be a understatement).   

  • Ah-ha, looking closer at the satellite view, it's 2 miles from the hotel along the South Downs Way to Holywell. Along the prom (tiddly om pom pom) to Holywell and loads of trails thereafter. Should be good for a 10-miler at least. I'm looking forward to it image

  • Careful Mutters, its posh down there...

  • hog-mouse wrote (see)

    Don't run on the seafront unless you are good at (old) people dodging. image 

    Well yes, I am aware that fb lives in those parts image

  • Oh, I say ... just been navigating by Google StreetView. You're not wrong, posh doesn't begin to describe the place.

    I'm not sure I'll fit in ... image

    And it's not Cornwall or Yorkshire so I don't suppose the chippies will be any good.

  • They aren't to bad, always better eating them fresh. As in just outside the chips hop I mean image 

  • Head up onto the downs above the town, you can climb up beachy head by the cafe or run past the university and take the old south downs way path which is far more manageable.

    From there you have options such as following the seven sisters or into east dean and crowlink. Personally I would follow the south downs way past the golf course up the top and head into friston forest or onto the downs the other side of jevington.

    It all depends on how far you want to go really and I may be biased here but the roads around eastbourne just cant compare when you have a national park on your doorstep.

  • Download the Beachy course and do that once a day before breakfast   image

  • missed this 1st time around as I was away sliding down some snowy slopes

    really can't add much to what's been suggested on routes although the seafront ones are fine - I use them a lot.   yes, you have to do some granny dodging at times but that tends to be worse on a fine sunny Sunday morning when everyone is out walking along the prom.   if you want to venture further afield you can continue to run past Sovereign Harbour at the far east of the town and on to Pevensey Bay, Bexhill and Hastings (follow Route 2 of the Sustrans bike route - easily runable and flat) if you fancy and then get a train back to Eastbourne from various stations along the way (assuming engineering works aren't on as they were yesterday).  a nice way to explore areas of Normans Bay.

    the Downs routes are great and there's lots of variations if you have a map to follow footpaths and bridleways.

    as for fish and chips - Qualisea in Terminus Road is usually the most recommended.

    and Eastbourne posh??  nah - I live there so it can't be...  image

  • Greetings fb, I was hoping you'd see this.

    Having flown over the area with Google I'm thinking of showing up a day early before the conference starts to do some recce. Loads of scope to explore.

    Thanks all for the tips and advice. Much appreciated.

  • let me know when you're down Mutts - might be able to meet up if we have no other committments.  I'm not distance run fit these days as I've been "relaxing" and doing other things but I do need to get back to doing some decent stuff with a tri season looming.

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