alternative trainers to asics GT2000

I have been using the ASICS GT series for 6 years.. but since they went upto GT2000 I haven't been getting on well with them.. just wondering if anyone has got a brand alternative I could try out.. as I think i should be changing them anyway...


  • last time I went to get some new shoes I was suggested the GT2000 or some New Balance m860's, so the New Balance ones might be worth a try?  They are slightly lighter than the 2000s I think (and much cheaper), but I have not run enough miles in them yet to say if they are better or not

  • I changed from asics gt2000 to Brooks adrenaline 13, but they're not as cushioned. I've gone back to the gt2000 and have gone half size up which has helped with the 'neat' fit compared to previous asics I've had - much happier now.
  • I have been running in the Asic GT1000 series, but recently when I went for another pair, they didn't have my size. They also recommended New Balance m860s which I purchased. I have run 8.5 and 6 miles in them so far, and they seem ok. They are quite light, but seem hard underfoot. It is too soon yet to say whether they are better than the Asics.

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    i used to use the nb 860 and swapped a few years ago to gt's. I certainly would not fancy anything over 10 miles in the nb's.

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