FFS what's with the weather?

Call me a wimp and tell me to htfu, but I'm not going out in that.

A rest day or a bash on the rowing machine instead.

Stuff that for a lark. image



  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I'm usually in the "just man up and get out there" camp but its starting to get ridiculous now. Most of my off road routes are flooded and had to cut last nights run short as it was getting hard to run into the wind and the rain was going sideways.
  • It's winter. Rule 5, HTFU, whatever you want to call it but just get out, it's never so bad once you're running or cycling.

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭

    I considered it too dangerous to go out yesterday.  I'm getting over a niggle at the moment, but even if I was due to run I wouldn't have gone out yesterday.  Trees down, lots of debris and potentially getting blown into traffic was not safe IMHO.

  • Running yes, cycling not so sure.

  • I heard the storm last night and decided it really wasn't worth going out, so I got up at 5:15 and went anyway - 6 miles later including a 5 mile tempo with the waves crashing onto the beach and the sand whipping my legs as I thundered along the sea wall and I was glad I had been out.

  • Even I only did 100k on the bike yesterday image 

    Luckily I am easing off for a marathon on Saturday, mainly coast path, should be pretty epic image

  • When I think the weather is 'bad' I read 'Skis against the atom' this is a book about how a group of Norwegian commandos survived on the Hardanger plateau  for over a year during the 2nd world war.

    If they could do that then I can survive a bit of wind and rain image

  • Ooh what was that film they made of it ? It'll come to me later...
  • Had Kirk Douglas in I think.
  • 'The heroes of Telemark' but the true story is much better!

    The thing that strikes me is that they had no idea they were trying to stop the Nazi's doing research into nuclear bombs. They were just told it was of 'vital importance'. No one knew what an atom bomb was then. 

    A few who helped ensure we do not have to say, Heil Hitler!

  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭

    What's the betting on a drought in the Summer?

  • I cycled yesterday and ran monday and today.......skin is waterproof....

     running is no problem at all.....cycling you have to be a bit clever in choosing your routes and times.......

  • Womble wrote (see)

    What's the betting on a drought in the Summer?

    Complete with a hosepipe ban!

    Water is a precious resource remember image (try telling that to the flood victims)

  • Womble wrote (see)

    What's the betting on a drought in the Summer?

    Cool, wet winters are usually followed by cool, wet summers so it's probably going to say like this until October image 

  • well the 10 day forecast says rain and more rain each day for us......

  • Was it last year or the year before when we had this kind of weather all the way till May? I remember doing the Bracknell half in freezing temperatures and pissing rain and shivering on the train back home. In May. But then we had a great summer.

    Anyways, the wind has died down here in sunny Berkshire so I might head off for a trot. I can handle rain but prefer it not to be gale-force horizontal (except when I'm back home in Cornwall, where the rain has no other trajectory).

  • It was last year. But it wasn't particularly wet, it was freezing cold with sleet and snow right up until about the third week of April.

  • Yup - it was just above freezing for the Bath Half at the start of March.  And I remember being extremely cold after the Reading Half because of the rain and the wind.

  • looks like its going to get a lot worse for the weekend ......cross country on saturday shouldn't be affected much.....reliability bike ride on sunday up in the beacons should proof interesting


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Last year it was awful too. Walking back to the car after Wokingham Half I thought I was going to freeze to death.

    The weekend before VLM it was snowing but 7 days later red hot.
  • Yup, Wokingham was also bracing.  I'd forgotten, but thanks for the reminder!

  • I love races to be bracing......as long as its dry....hanging around at the start in pissing down rain isn't nice.....


  • Ye-e-e-e-es, I was at Wokingham too last year and "bracing" is one way of describing it image

  • I remember both Wokingham and Reading half-marathons being wet and cold, and in both I remember struggling to change my runing shoes when I got back to the car.

    Looks like Wokingham this weekend will be the same image

  • March 2012 I did a duathlon and it was baking hot - real summer weather. We sunbathed after.

    March 2013 and I was climbing through snowbanks 10 feet tall.

    I'm doing the duathlon again this year - I might need huskies.
  • No drought this summer - official:


  • I think I have "trenchfoot".....

  • Last spring the Royal Parks replaced some turf under the trees in Green Park. It's all gone now, just mud image

  • Living by the sea I have the unparalleled joy of being blown to absolute heck and beyond by gale force winds. In fact I am thinking of learning to sail so I can learn how to tack thus use the wind to my advantage no matter which way it is blowing - seemingly a headwind in any direction.

    I have however discovered an excellent website where one can share their annoyance with fellow annoyeds www.vestandrants.com 

    I wouldn't mind a bit of "bracing" weather now and again but this has been going on far too long! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr   image

  • The sun is shining, yay image

    Out for a brisk and hilly 5 miler, staying well clear of the river. Wokingham Half on Sunday, looks like more rain just ahead of it but clear-ish on the day. Phew.

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