Advice on which running watch do it chose??


A couple of years ago I started getting into my running again and now looking to add a few bits to my kit bag, one being a running watch. What I'm basically after is a watch which has GPS, heart rate monitoring, possible training partner, waterproof is a must.

At the minute my workouts consist of cardio / calorie burn in the gym, trail running and then into trail, fell and multiterrain racing which includes swimming. Ideally I'd like the watch to show calories burn also so I can use it in the gym but ultimately so I can keep track when out on a run. I'd also like to be able to upload my data and even share it on social media with maps if possible.

It will have a few knocks and bumps along the way so I'm not looking to spend loads on a top notch one.

I might be asking a bit too much within a watch but would appreciate any advice and suggestions.

Many thanks Martin


  • All you could ever wish to know about sports watches, and a lot you didn't


    Oh and I use a Timex Ironman GPS

  • I've just bought a Soleus GPS 1.0. They were half price in Sweatshop last week (think there £59 now) at £49.50.

    Read a few reviews on them and some were very positive, some not so but I didn't want to spend much on my first watch. All I can report is what I've found and that is it's an excellent piece of kit. Finds the satellites no problem every day. Records pretty basic info, but it's all you really need and does count calories too.

    When they first came out you couldn't upload data, but you can now. I bought a data upload cable for £15 delivered and uploads go straight to Strava for sharing or tracking with maps, awards etc.

    Wouldn't be without it now, really nice piece of kit and I wear it as an everyday watch as it's pretty small for a GPS.

  • I'll second the Soleus.  Apart from the lack of HRM, it is a brilliant piece of kit.  It does auto lap splits (a setting of your chice in Mi or kM), a useful night mode, and it is very accurate.

    It isn't crammed with features, but it does the basics very well.  I would have bought one at full price, but I got mine for just shy of £50.00.  A data cable cost me £10.00 from my local running shop.

    You can end up paying a fortune for a watch with many features, but I'll be surprised if you use half of them.

  • Thanks Guys for the feedback and really appreciate it.

    The website Dave is good to help me to compare what i want and what they have.

    I'll have a look at the likes of the Timex Ironman and Soleus 2.0 which both Chris and Devon have to see what features they have as ones with good reviews will always help make the decision.

    Thanks again guys

  • I'm a fan of the garmin watches. Had a 610 and now a 620

  • Garmin Forerunner - best bit of running kit I ever bought.

  • Just another plus point for the Soleus.  If you can get hold of a data cable (I picked one up for £10.00), it is possible to download the data onto as Devon mentioned.  This will give you distance, time pace and a map, which includes elevation data.  It really is a useful piece of kit without being too technical or difficult to setup and use.

    I use the Soleus because it gives me exactly what I need, and doesn't intrude too much in my run.  I put it on; acquire the satellites (about 90-120 seconds); press start - and GO!  A quick glance to check time/pace, and that's it until I press stop.

    It all depends what you want or are willing to pay for.

  • Sorry you said about swimming so properly waterproof expensive is the garmin 910 but I think the 310 does swimming as well you might want to check on that though, and can be purchased for around £150 new still will do you for all your needs.

  • BikoBiko ✭✭✭

    Hi Devon/Chris

    Where did you get the data cable from? I've searched online but have drawn a blank. Mine only came with a power charger (and I was happy enough with that), but it might be time for some OTT data analytics on my runs... image

  • I got in touch with Soleus on their support feedback and they forwarded my details to FitBrands in the UK, who emailed me direct. £15 including delivery to my door on next day delivery. image

  • BikoBiko ✭✭✭

    Brilliant, thanks Devon!

  • I also struggled to find any info online, apart from US sites. I picked mine up from a local independant running store for a tenner.  I just asked out of curiosity while I was in looking at new shoes. 

    It really is a useful bit of kit.  It's amazing to see just how much pace varies throughout a run, even though perceived effort reamins the same.

  • Thanks again with all the comments, it was my first visit it the website and appreciate the comments and advice. In the end I decided on the Forerunner 310XT and looking forward to putting it throughout its paces.

    thanks again and stay safe


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