Cry for help from my aching calfs!!

I am sufferring with recurring calf pain to the point that running is nigh on impossible. I think I am sufferring with a shin splint/compartment syndrome injury. I have rested for over 10 days and the pain has subsided-does anyone have any tips on calf stretching/heat/ice application to prevent recurrence? Are there any recommended web sites where I can fnd out more about prevention techniques?


  • Mike,

    I've had the same symptoms for a few weeks now when I stepped up my training for a 1/2 marathon in Sept. I found that an ice/cold bath right after running and a few hours later again helps. I've also started doing yoga once a week, which really helps with stretching/lengthening the calves and hams. The pain is better, esp. when I stretch well. Hope that helps--hang in there!
  • Mike,

    I had tight calves and solved them by stretching by using a small step with the balls of my feet on the step and heals over the edge. If you gently rest for about 1-2 mins every day it should help. Massage immediatly after running also helps. If mine are feeling tired or tight when I am in the shower I use a shampoo bottle to rub upwards and help remove the pressure.
  • Thanx for the advice, I'll try the massage and the shower trick straight away but the ice bath doesn't sound too pleasant!
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