How do I keep my fitness up whilst injured

Hello. ..I have recently been diagnosed with a calf strain/ moderate tear. Just had my first physio appointment. My dilemma is I have a place in the London marathon and just under 10 wks to go. The physio is optimistic that I can still run. But cannot start running for another 3-5 weeks. I have exercises to do etc. Just had my first session in the gym using the bike and a cross trainer. Has anyone got any ideas about how much I should be doing which is matches my marathon plan?


  • Defer until next year. 

  • yep, defer.  It's going to rain this year I've heard!  ;)

    Get yourself signed up for some aqua jogging - perfect recovery fitness for a muscle tear.

    Recover strong

  • Good advice above. Defer - it's not worth it.

  • You obviously don't want to. Who would.. But Defer till next year. When you'll be able to train properly and give it your all.. If you run this year, whatever time you get.. You'll always be wondering 'what if'



  • Thanks for the advice folks. I have resigned myself to defering my place for next year. Its got to be the best decision.
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