Arthritic big toe

Hi all,

       I have a horribly arthritic right big toe that causes me a lot of grief when running, to the point that I no longer run in the winter. I have been recommended to have a cheilectomy, a procedure in which bony growths that are causing the pain are chipped away. Has anybody out there had this procedure? Is there an alternative solution to this problem?




  • Angus,

    I've not had this but one of my aunt's has she found it useful but took a long time to get back on her feet she was in her 80's at the time though and not a runner.

    Just checking but has anyone talked to you about diet? Know citus and high satuated fat food such as pork can make it worse? If you change diet might not make the problem go away but might be useful. I'd do a goggle and see what comes up.

  • Hi Angus

    I have a similar situation in both toes, which is so bad my podiatrist recommended the fusion operation.

    I'm more worried about not being able to walk, let alone run.

    How's it going with you?


  • My sister had one of her big toes fused after suffering for ages. That was last year. She just ran the London Marathon, 

  • Hi Snap!

    Sorry, bit late checking the thread. How long was your sister's downtime? I think I'm going to have the cheilectomy, which is a less reliable than the fusion but seems less gruesome. 

    I read loads of stories about the bones not fusing properly or pins coming loose that the fusion has freaked me out a bit.

    Any comments welcome



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