Thursday 6th February 2014


Lyrics - I carry madness

What:              MLR
Why:               marathon training
Last hard:       looking at the forecast for the weekend
Last rest:        28/12

If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.


  • Second in! I must be up early.

    What: work then hopefully 6 miles and swim

    Why: snapping out of laziness!

    Lyrics: I think so..

    What's MLR LMH??
  • Morning!

    MLR=medium long run. A lot of people feel that it is not just the long run that is the key to a good marathon, but the medium one of around 3/4 of the long one: a long run of 20 miles at the weekend and a mid-week one of 15, for example.

    What: 30 mins or so this evening.
    Why: work gets in the way during the day!

    Lyrics: not today.

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Half awake and read that as 6 mile "6 mile swim" Dibs! image

    What: possibly run with group at 6 but on call and more lifeboat training at 7

    last hard: Monday 

    last rest Sunday

    lyrics: no 

    still windy

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    morning all,

    what - U11 coaching then 45 minutes track time until eldest finishes hockey, so maybe 400s
    why - timings
    last hard - Tuesday
    last rest - Dec
    lyric - nope

    have a super day

  • Morning

    Yesterdays lyrics: 'Only you' by Alison Moyet. I know other artists/bands have songs with the title 'Only you'.

    What: 30mins Steady. Mixture of paths and fields.

    Why: I had a slightly later run today and it was mostly in daylight.

    Coffee and catch up.


  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    What: a whole day walking, not sure how far

    Why: best way to see a city

    Last hardimageome of those hills felt hard after a day on my feet!

    Lyrics: nope

    Dibs I also read that as 6 miles swam! Glad you're getting back to it

    Off to Melbourne tomorrow. Be sad to leave family but will see my best friend who coincidentally is there at the weekend and who I haven't seen for 2 years image

    Have a good day all.
  • Sounds like fun, em image

    Weather seems pretty dire, I agree. Wind has picked up at our end too.

    what: 12 hilly miles
    why: 2nd MLR of the week
    last hard: the final big hill - I was chasing a cyclist. OK, she was crap because I beat her image
    last rest: Monday
    lyrics: no

  • DIBS - up early LOL by 0709 I had trained, eaten breakfast, drunk a coffee and was on my motorbike heading for work

    What: 70 mins on the bike and home by 0625

    run lunchtime

    gym PM

    Why: mini taper starts tomorrow so last day of proper training

    Last hard: Tuesday

    Last rest: Monday 30th December 2013

    Lyrics: NO
  • Afternoon

    Chickadee - LOL chasing cyclists, I do that naughty but fun

    Good run

    What: 2.28 miles mainly cyclepaths (kept to the pedestrian side) found another hill
    Why: to get fitter
    Last Hard: That new hill
    Lyrics Nope

    pace 10:31 excluding Fridays 5km that's the best for a  while

  • Afternoon all,

    Another "character building" weather day

    Gobi:  I bet you go faster on your road bike than your motorbike image

    • What: 4ish
    • Why:  building character
    • Last Hard: N/A
    • Last Rest: Monday

    Have a good one!



  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    afternoon all

    not been well all week so I had nothing much to report, did park run Saturday, 26.49 and 10 hilly miles sunday, nothing since!

    I got in to the prudential 100 mile bike ride, oh gosh!

    chickadee, that's funny chasing the cyclist!

    emzap sounds amazing, enjoy!

    lyrics  no

    what: have just decided nothing again

    why: still not right

    last hard: sunday

    last easy all week

    have a good day all

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • I have run to bend 4 up Alpe d' huez and people looked mighty upset when I ran passed them.
  • Excellent, Gobi image  bet they all saw the funny side of being overtaken by a runner!!

  • I must admit, when I'm riding uphill I often think that I'd rather be running it!

    Hope you're soon feeling better Wabo.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Greetings all

    What 75 mins (9.51m)
    Why - Medium run
    Last hard - Intervals yesterday
    Last Rest - Tues

    Take care

  • Evening!

    Thought I'd run a bit harder tonight so headed out and did 7 miles in 48:48.  Quite enjoyed it, worked very hard at times.

    Lyrics, probably not.

  • Evening

    What 9 I think

    Why forgot my garmin

    Lyrics no

    7:0? Is a lie in

    Ended up hurrying out the door this evening and forgot to swasp swatches but someone in my group proclaimed 9 miles in 1:04 which included a few bits of doubling back and hanging around for the back markers to catch up. I'm enjoying the change from my normal solitary runs so will put the form in this week and become a club runner.

  • What: 3mile run. 1.5km swim

    Why: post 4 day break

    Still feel under the weather.. Tired out easily and ache.

    Gobi- usually I'm fine with early mornings. I think a week if sleep dep has caught up with me!

    Lol to everyone thinking 6 mile swim!! I wish!!

    Hopefully early morning run tomorrow. Won't get a a chance otherwise! Busy busy
  • 5 miles with group this evening

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