Long Run on Treadmill

I am just after some advice, I simply can't get out this weekend for my long run due to the lack of childcare available.  My question is if I do 2 x 1 hour sessions on the treadmill in one day will that be as effective as going out and running one block of 2 hours.  I hate running on the treadmill and 60 minutes is about my limited at anyone time.



  • Not really. And once you get off that treadmill - are you going to enjoy your day with that next hour hanging over you ? (will you even go back ?)

    I'd just man up and go for it. It will do you good.
  • 2 x 1 hour is better than nothing, but I wouldn't class it as a long run. If you can do 60 mins, then 90 mins is not much longer, and before you know it you are at 120!

    Find a way of breaking down the miles. On a treadmill long run I run at a progressively increasing pace, and break up each mile with a bit if a gradient for a quarter mile. If you just focus on the clock or total distance, it just becomes tedious.

    You will affect parts of your physiology that short runs won't reach.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    A 2 hr run on the treadmill will give you some mental toughness that will really come in handy on race day.

    Or, could you do the long run on the Friday or Monday?
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭

    If you can't do it at all during the weekend, can you do your long run on Friday/Monday? I sympathise, fitting in the long run every week is a big challenge especially when time is limited - but people plentier busier than me manage to find time from nowhere and I hugely admire that resourcefulness!

    If you have to resort to the treadmill, then - what cougie and Millsy said. Good luck!

  • Normally it is fine but my Husband is away on a stag weekend Friday-Monday and my parents away at the same time. Think as others have said I might have to man up and go for it on Saturday night once the kids are in bed otherwise it will mess up my schedule for next week.

    Thank you all

  • You can do it ! And you'll feel so much better for doing it !
  • Can you watch something really good on telly at the same time? Try and change your mindset so as it is 2hrs that you are going to enjoy. 

    Good luck.

  • i record a good film, put on subtitles and try to forget about the time. I do sometimes stop for an extra drink.

    good luck

  • Agree with cougie get on with it, sorry but just because it's boring is not a sensible reason to not do the two hour run. 

     As others have said good luck image just find some good zone in your mind. 

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