Running at 'ridiculous' times of night

I was just reading a thread on missing sessions. Because this week, I missed my usual swimming session on Monday - which to me, is as important as running, it really loosens me up. Then yesterday I missed another cross training session. Today is run day and its my son's 4th Birthday. We are going to Grandma's, Grandma is making dinner. Dinner at 6pm means I won't run until at least 9pm. I'll probably have stuff to deal with at home, plus it takes me ages to get ready to go running. I'm going to end up going at about 10.30pm probably, for 50mins. So I'm going to get home after 11pm. I actually end up running quite late a lot. Usually I manage to get home before 9pm but I have been known to leave the house at 11pm. Am I crazy? Is this bad for my metabolism? - Obviously its bad if I'm tired but I try to get to bed early the next night. I'm just interested to hear other stories and if anyone has gone out running for no particular reason other than they want to at 12midnight? There must be more night runners out there? It's actually kinda fun, because there are less people, cars etc. But the usual response from people that I get is "are you crazy?!" - Well no actually I just like running image


  • Not late at night but early in the morning sometimes. When I have a lot of training to do and am getting behind because of work and stuff, I've been known to run between 3 and 4am (with my dogs I hasten to say). Often hear my neighbour coming back from her run at 5am when I'm getting ready for work.

  • anything between 10pm and 5am is real hardcore fair, that can't play well with your bodyclock unless you do some weird shifts!

  • I often run very late, for the same kind of reasons as you Nell3 - Quite common for me to run in the evenings at 9.30 or so.

    And next week I'll be in America with work... 'tummy troubles' (if you know what I mean), make it difficult to run early morning before my meetings; then in the evenings I'll have to go and eat with colleagues, meaning I can't get my run in early in the evening as I'd prefer... so I expect to be running at 10pm or later. My body clock will be all over the place!

  • I'm often out of the door by 5am for my morning session to squeeze it in before work/child. But to be fair I'm in bed by 9pm most nights!

  • I thought there would be a fair few early birds.  Bionic Ironwolf 4am! Your name is very suitable. Need an iron core for that!

    Stevie G - yeah too right. But once in a while can't be too bad?

    I'm just off out now. Glad I'm not the only person in the world out running after 9pm Juleifrazz. I get what you mean re the tummy issues. There is an almost exact timing to that in my case. Anything before 6am probably will fail atm lol.  I didn't do much running last summer due to annoying illnesses. But I'm hoping to this one - and hoping it might be easier to run both early and later with there being more light. 

  • I'm with Flob, I run mostly at night when I get a bit of peace , I love running through the  City at night , I'm just back from a night trail race by head torch it was great funimage

  • Thats really great flob and Martin. image. I love the idea of trail runs, will def do one some day. How do you train for those? I think I might be too wuss to run around fields and woodlands late at night :-/ haha.
  • I'm another one who doesn't worry what time of night I set off. I doubt it's got past 11pm when I've left the house.  But I've done 2 runs in the last 2 weeks where I've left well after 10.

  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭

    When I did my first marathon my children didn't realise you had to train to do one. I'd done all my training runs once they were in bed. Long runs on Sundays often found me getting home at 10-11 at night.

  • Yes - another Nell here who's a late night runner! image

    The same as Flob, I also take the dog for a walk as a late night warm up or cool down - a quick look back at my notes shows my latest start was 23:28... lovely and quiet at that time round where I run. I'm a night owl, despite a normal work day - no amount of good intentions would get me out running before work.
  • Until last September I finished work at 3am,It took me an hour to get home on the push bike.On the odd occasion I went out about 4.15am but I was only starting out so did no more than half an hour.

    On one occasion I took the dog for a walk.We got to the park about 4ish. I let him off the lead, at which point he turned round and took  himself home whilst throwing me a look over his shoulder to make sure I was following and then took himself back to bed.image.Cheeky bugger.

  • Chris , I'm with the dog, night duty then running Yeuch !!image Nell, I don't do any specific training for trail running (probably why I'm crap at it ) some minor hill work, I did a few summer trails which are always in cool places , but night time by headtorch is a blast you have to give it a go image

  • Right.  I'm just out for a run.... back in a couple of hours.

  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭

    Early mornings (or else running clashes with everything). Seems normal to me but then ive always been a morning man. Everyone I know likes a lie in and finds the idea of running at 5am downright offensive. 

  • NN......We are not worthy !!image

  • oohh lots of late runners out there! My friend has a dog who needs more walking so I've offered to take him out with me running. He pulls dreadfully so it may work my arms pretty well too! lol . We'll see how it goes. I feel fine about going down dark alleys and in woods/fields with him though, he would never let anyone hurt me bless him, he can be fierce with people who seem a threat

  • Hey he might even pull me up the hills...haha

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