Anyway to find out what est finish time i put on my London Marathon entry

Cant recall what i estimated and not sure if I can find out - looked at the VMLM site but it's not very clear - anyone know?  Not that i can do a lot about it now but maybe realisation I wont do a 2:05 sinking in image


  • I dont think you can. It might be in the system at the London Marathon offices - and you could call them and they might be able to look it up if its that important.

    If you think you can go a lot faster than you might have put - take results with you when you collect your number. If you're fast then they may move you up a pen.

    Going back a pen is no problem anyway.
  • Just pinged them an email but it was more curiosity - thank you for response.  It's really in case i went nuts and thought I would become an athletic god in 6 months!! If i can move back then cool.  I think i put 3:45 but do not want to start off too fast as it's my 1st marathon and 2nd race ever.  I did a half in Oct and had a lovely couple of warm up miles then ran faster for 11 than i have ever done..which was pleasing.


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    020 7902 0200 Is the number on their site for enquiries.
  • Thanks gave them a call and im down for 3:45 - cant change now it but can do at expo.  However sod that something to aim for now image

    Thanks Cougie and Millsy - should have just called but wondered if there was a web site we could logon to see our details!

  • This is why I don't understand people who slag London Marathon really wouldn't be surprised if they said sorry, 50,000 runners, are you serious?  I remember when mrs p lost her t shirt in the park after the race, quick phone call, and a new one arrived within days?


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Most of the people that slag it of are the same ones that are desperate for a place but get rejected from the ballot.
  • With you on that one Puffy image


  • Yeah spot on they were incredibly helpful, polite and even had a laugh at my completely inadequate memory and planning.  considering there must be 50k nutters phoning up about all sorts superb!

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    I cant quite recall what I put down. Aside from finding out my time, does anyone know the timing brackets for each pen? I either put down 3.15 or 3.05 so wondering if it makes a blind bit of difference pen wise in any event?

    Just to manage my expectations also, wil i get a nice technical t shirt or a cotton one??


  • Depends, the Virgin ones have all been really crap cotton.

    I would think DT that you would be in pen 2 or 3.

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