Training paces

At my current club I have heard quite a few people calling HM pace "threshold" and marathon pace "steady." This surprised me a bit as I'd definitely not call my marathon pace (6.20-ish) "steady" and I don't do many "steady runs" at that pace.

So, out of interest, what would your definition of "steady" and "threshold" be, and am I just training really slowly? 


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Starting to get out of breath. That's threshold.

    Steady is slower, and you can run until you sort of get tired all over.


  • Threshold tends to be defined as One Hour Race pace, so, unless you are an elite, will be somewhat quicker than HMP - somewhere between HM and 10k pace.
    Steady pace is less well defined and is sometimes used to mean a pace slightly quicker than marathon pace, but more usually slightly slower.
    However, people often refer to easy pace, ie a fairly slow and relaxed conversational pace, as steady, which can add to the confusion.

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