Has anybody got any advice on vitamins and supplements please? It would be really appreciated. 


  • Vitamin and mineral supplements are only needed by people who have a deficiency, or are likely to develop a deficiency because of medical conditions. A healthy balanced diet is the best way of getting your nutrients! 

  • My diet is not great as I hate vegetables of any variety. I try and eat some but I take Wellman Sports. They are pretty pricey for a vitamin at £10 per box, there are 3 for 2 offers in boots though.

    These are the ones that work for me. I take one each night with my main meal and can tell you with certainty that they have a positive effect on my energy levels and training. It takes around 14 days to notice any real difference but I highly recommend these ones. Unlike cheaper tablets these ones measure the amount of each vitamin for maximum effectivness, rather than just throw in 300% rda's of evreything.

    Give em a go!


  • Why does that post make me suspicious!

    Sorry Dan!

  • the super one from Holland and barrett for me. 

    health balanced diet is all well and good, but often difficult achieve for most of us.  Particularly when you consider that the 5 a day recommendation is a lot lower than what many nutritionists consider to be necessary.

    add to this a heavy training load and for me a supplement becomes all the more important.


  • Hahah promise I am not anything to do with Wellman or vitabiotics or any vitamin company whatsoever! Was merely putting my fly in the ointment as my diet is fairly poor and these were the only supplements that worked for me!

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