Progress from walking to running

I haven't done any running since I was at school. I'm 27 now so that was quite a few years ago! I was never any good at running then.

I'm not particularly fit. I've done no exercise, well, ever, but I do walk everywhere (Probably clock up somewhere around 10 miles a week these days, used to walk 4 miles a day 5 days a week for 4 years but have since changed jobs)

I recently started walking more with the aim of getting fit and I feel it's helping but I think that running would be a significant step forward in improving my overall fitness.

As a possible overview of my current fitness level: This evening I walked 6.44 miles in 1 hour 39 minutes (stats from an app i downloaded) which is about 15 mins/mile but it doesn't get me out of breath and doesn't make me feel worn out so other than burning calories I'm not sure it's really doing me that much good. 

I figured I'd be able to start running as I'm walking what I'd consider "fairly fast" without it wearing me out at all. However, as soon as I start to run, I get out of breath in minutes, if that.

Is it a technique problem? Is there something I need to do that I'm not? Maybe it is just my poor overall fitness level. I'm  really not sure. What's the best way for me to begin running? 

I'd be grateful of any tips!




  • That's easy.... Startwith the NHS couch to 5k programme c25k image 

    ther are other very similar ones out there some as apps you can use on your phone.

    they pretty much all have you run 3 times a week building up to running 5k or 30 or so minutes.

    if you find you are very fit you might consider missing the odd week, but literally don't run before you can walk image

    you will quickly build up some leg muscle, but the connective tissues, sinews etc... take longer to develop and get used to running so sticking to 3 days a week helps prevent overuse injuries.

    go to a good local running shop close to where you are and ask their advice about suitable trainers for you.

    don't be afraid of the wet image your skin is waterproof, running in the rain is actually fun image

    just get out there, don't overtrain and enjoy yourself.


    oh.... Two last things....

    1: enjoy yourself

    2: go slower, it's all about building your stamina, sprinting for 8 seconds then wheezing along for 300 meters doesn't do a lot, just keep it slow and steady and keep plodding along. You can get more creative and have differnt types of runs once you've got your 5k under your belt.


    ohhh also how could I forget, park runs free Saturday morning timed runs, lots of newbies at these going very slow and building their speeds up over the weeks image a great place to get used to running with others for free.

  • Just to reiterate the question you asked which was you get out of breath in a minute.... Seriously it's because you are going to quick. We all do it when we begin. Make a running motion so arms going n everything but do it barely quicker than a walking pace almost like comedy slow motion running, it's all about building up how long you can keep going for, once you can run no matter how slowly for a reasonable amount of time, then you can look at different techniques for improving speeds and take it from there.


  • BikoBiko ✭✭✭

    It's a mantra you'll hear a lot, but the answer with running is nearly always to slow down. I've been running for a few years now and I still go too fast when I shouldn't...

    If you think you're going too fast, slow down.

    If you think you're going about the right speed, you're not, slow down a bit.

    If you think you're going too slow, you're probably still going too fast.


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