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Hi ladies Do any of you know where to purchase white running capri tights.? So sick of black. I fancy white for summer. Im an optimist image


  • Nike do some weird white / grey things?

    go to each manufacturers website most of them have a search by colour option not many white, but most have some coloured ones.  Get Adidas they all have a white stripe on themimage 

  • Yes your right...they are weird. Checked loads of sights, thought this way might be quicker.
  • I can see why white wouldn't be popular......especially summer you would want shorts surely......

  • BookyBooky ✭✭✭

    Sweat stains! image

  • seethrough when wet... image

  • Couldnt think of a worse sight than white tights unless you are .....  nope can't think of anyone  image

  • white tights and runners trots - an amazing combination

  • Thanks for all the helpful replies
  • You'd never get the mud or the sweat stains out ewww - sorry no white for me - im okay with black! And I have some stubbies as well for when it gets quite hot - my legs dazzle the locals! image

  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    The tiniest bit of cellulite is magnified by white tights.  

    I really wouldn't!

  • NO. not white tights.

    Any colour other than beige or white. For all the reasons already stated.

  • It's winter.

  • White means you have to think about colour of undies as tends to show through otherwise.

  • White tights? You're asking for trouble. Immediate visibility and see-throughness for sweat, snot and any other bodily secretions that might seep out at times of exertion ... seriously, don't do it.

    Black is the only way to go.

  • "Seep" - euuw image

    But yes, there are lots of practical reasons why darker colours are better. Express yours fashion preferences through your tops instead.

  • If you dislike white tights why not maybe go for a patterned darker colour? Thus avoiding sweat stains, major vpl etc... 

    Some nice adidas ones at start fitness here:,4099&CAT_ID=4111&P_ID=53689


    And more mile ones for £15 in pink, purple and blue patterns:,4099&CAT_ID=4111&P_ID=52825


  • i fancied a change too,went to god old h and m and got some funky tye dye effect full length tights £15, tk maxx had some purple  so got them too £7!! if you are brave enough to go for white then maybe wear shorts over them!! for reasons stated above ! xx

  • Salomon do a strange 'skort' thingy which is white capris with a mini skirt over the top. I don't wear them myself (even if I wanted to run in an unnecessary fashion accessory I couldn't afford the silly prices!) but I know a couple of ladies who wear them and they do look rather pretty...

  • hah *blush* I fancied getting those, keep trying to hunt them out at a sensible price... No luck so far! But then again if I wore them i'd have people standing around me doing the old.... "all the kit, and not a bloody clue" look image Think i'm safe sticking to nike tempo shorts, or at the very most the lavish Ronhill twin layer shorts which are nice image

  • Watching the XC skiers on the telly - lots of them wear tights with white patches on - and quite clearly you could see their underwear through them. Suspect that one would need new, better fabrics to be simultaneously cool in summer but not see-through, and, of course, stain-resistant. You then are just left with the damp patches...  which I suspect is still a deal breaker for most of us. 

    But good luck....

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