Shin splints, now sore tight calf muscle...anyone else suffering the same?

So, training for first marathon, best time of my life.  Been diagnosed with shin splints and have been rehabilitated back into training.  Foam rolling, icing, taping, gradual mileage build up.  Shin splints (which was in the ankle) coped incredibly well with management.  Probably build-up of mileage too much…went from 10.5, 13 to 15.7.  I was running 15 before I was injured.    Physio did say that taping can risk the pain being transferred elsewhere.  I now have a very sore tight calf muscle after my runs.  It was too sore to roll out last night.  Luckily I’m seeing my physio again tomorrow.  I’m just ranting because I have complete envy for anyone who is doing all their runs, without any problems.  Has anyone else suffered exactly the same….my ankle is fine now….but calf muscle….well it’s just another irritant.  Do I need to reduce my marathon training to 3 days a week instead of 4?  Won’t be ideal.  So training for first marathon, most frustrating time of my life!


  • Oh dear Pipski. Not having much luck so far

  • Grrrrrrrrr......not giving up image

  • quick one - I know you cant get enough of me in my girly compression socks and being a girly yourself id give these a shot!? yeah poor you you are doing everything right including foam roller with Chardonnay!! Oh I am only doing 3 runs per week only for VMLM and 2 days X-dressing, sorry training ... you doing Hals?  drop the short run if needed (long, sorta long and tempo) and cycle or walk if you need to step down. Thats the thing about shin splints runs can be great them boom!

    I also think you did your 8 too fast last night - unfortunately for me i had to eradicate any sub 10 runs and run really really slow for all my runs for a while.

    Talk soon

  • and no your not giving up ... neither am i! image

  • My little you know, you are absolutely right, especially with the BOOM part.  I forgot my physio said that I may need 48 hours recovery after a long run...and I am now seeing a pattern here....yes I'm following Hal Higdon Novice 2, well I was.....I've just tried to do my short 4 miler but gave up due to pain and jumped on a bike instead (so borring...zzzzz 45 minutes).....I think that's going to have to be the way forward....3 runs a week, with a cardio for the shorter runs....and live yourself....I'm not giving up...I'd only become an acoholic if I did anyway x

  • My 2 bike days are like interval training and i reckon are getting me fitter than some of the running!  Alcohol to numb the pain!! I cant run consecutive days as im an old fart with a broken body! (well 42 but the body is fecked!!) if i do it just builds up.

    Well done on trying and yeah bike is boring but i put the ipod on and peddle to the speed of music - a nice dash of prodigy in there to get the blood pumping image Im doing Hals 3 day plan (sort of!!) tues, thurs and Sat runs normally for me! Get better - im now worried ill miss a week running though x

  • Shed, can you email me the link the Hal's 3 day plan, as I can't seem to find it on his website?

    Don't worry about your one week've 18 miles under your'll be fit as a fiddle when you get back and I might even be wearing some sexy compression socks....image

  • Whats ur email?
  • I will PM you with it

  • Jesus I never knew there a PM section - I have a dozen messages in it going back a year image Pipski - email and link sent.  Flob - room booked I'll let you know how we get on!

  • if you are recovering form any injury then keep them short and slow......if you carry on with tight calves your achillies is likely to go.....

     and did the physio check your glute muscles.if they are weak you will have problems in all your leg muscles........

     hope it clears up

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