Injured foot with 3 weeks to go before the big day ekkk!?

Hi there I was wondering if anyone could advised me on what to do! Iv been training for the Cambridge marathon which is literally 3 weeks away now! All my training has gone smoothly & have put lots of hard work into trying to get a nice Pb... All my long runs have been clocked - 17/ 20/18/ 24 miles & on my last long run I felt a twinge on the sole of my foot ( arch area ) I had already warmed up & was on about mile 10 of my 24 miles ... being on a mission with the distance not so much speed I carried on & the discomfort did'nt really get in the way, apart from a pit stop break I hobbled to get going again for a min or so & carried on as normal. I know this was stupid thinking back now & should of cut the run short! Anyways was quite uncomfy to walk on foot after the run & the following day especially first thing in the am! It eased off during the day! Iv iced and taken ibrofen which seems to help. I rested for 3 days & tried another run yesterday ( thurs) with fingers crossed the whole way! I clocked 13 miles in a fast pace & foot did not seem to hurt or get in the way only if I stopped & started due to flooding in the road etc. felt great to be back running though today my foot is so sore and hobbling again like an old lady : (( I don't want to loose my fitness after wrking so hard for this marathon? But also don't want to train on a damaged foot & make the niggle/ injury worse!? The main goal is to take part on race day comfortably & keep sane in the process of not running? Any advise would be much appreciated? Sorry to run on excuse the pun! Anna xxx


  • It's three weeks you should be starting to taper by now, so rest ice, and more rest. If you can do a few gentle runs then great, but you have built up the fitness, you need to do nowhere near as much to maintain it, if you can't run maybe a bit of cycling, or gym work, , but if all else fails, just rest it for the three weeks and see how the marathon goes.

    Frankly look on it as a way of enforcing your taper, you will be so fresh come marathon day.

    also if you can afford it see a physio. 

  • Hey booktrunk thanks so much for your advise much appreciated! I will aim to rest much more in the run up & have been cycling lots. I managed a run yesterday & it only seemed to hurt when I was going downhill. Feeling more positive and know each day is closer to feeling repaired & ready ! Will certainly enjoy the taper ????
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    I would say don't attempt to run a marathon with a suspect injury. 


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