Can I do it?

Today I will attempt to run,walk,jog even crawl! 


  • yes. 

    Don't go to quick,  we all do to begin with.

    running isn't the same as sprinting at breakneck speed in your school sports day. Slow n steady, even if you feel a fraud going so slow.

  • i live on a straight road,it is exactly 1/2 mile to the top, I'm hoping to run,walk,jog,crawl there and back, which should give me an idea on how long a mile will take

  • Good luck rocker
  • That's perfect and don't really worry about going further until you can very gently jog it non stop.

    Don't think I have to make into the end I know it sounds daft but break it down to small sections think I will keep jogging until at least the next lamppost or that green car etc.., image but seriously don't RUN think of it more as jogging, running doesn't really come into it until you can jog a decent distance, then you worry about upping speed or trying clever different types of runs image

  • XX1XX1 ✭✭✭
    The rocker71 wrote (see)

    i live on a straight road,it is exactly 1/2 mile to the top ...

    You've measured the distance on your Garmin right? image

  • Good luck. Life is about small steps on the way to big achievements. Enjoy.
  • Good luck and enjoy!

  • As the others said, take it slow and easy. Enjoy. 

  • Play yourself a few warm up tunes as your getting changed and get pumped.Acdc Maiden or Lizzy will do the trick.

  • i wonder if he ever made it out image. Hope so image.

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