Swollen foot

Hi everyone. I wonder if you can help. I completed my first ever GNR on Sunday - in 2hrs 12mins which I was really pleased about - but my trainers were getting worn out so I got a big blister on the side of my right foot. Yesterday my feet ached a little bit but today my right foot has really swollen up and I'm limping around quite badly. Can anyone recommend anything or do I just need to wait for the swelling to go down?


  • First of all congrats on completing the GNR, well done. If your foot is still painful, apply ice (not directly to skin, wrapped in a towel or something)10 mins on, 10 mins off. Rest your foot a lot and keep it elevated. If it starts to show bruising, visit your doctor for an X-ray, could be you have a stress fracture. Anyway, no running until the swelling goes down. I assume you're a fairly new runner - take note of my last name. The acronym RICE stands for Rest Ice Compression Elevation, standard treatment for most non-serious running injuries. Hope you're better soon!
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