ASICS Oulton Park 10K

I've entered this 10k and wondered how many others have . It doesn't seem to be getting much coverage . Only 2 weeks to go , let's hope there's loads of entrants . 3 laps of the course so there's a good chance I'll be lapped by the winner : (


  • I've just entered this 10k event. It appears that asking question on teh events Twitter feed that there is proably going to be about 500 entrants running the 10k. Should be fun. See you there !

  • Thanks Matt , 500 entrants sounds good to me . Wish I had my number already without having to go to registration on the day . Have a good run .

  • anyone know how many have signed up for the half,that seems pretty quiet too! 3 of us running it and our bib numbers are 2488,2489,2490. would be good if thats how many runners have signed up but i somehow doubt it

  • Rip Off 10K. Medal advertised but none provided. No T Shirt either. Eighteen Pounds???

    Thoroughly carved up.
  • someone told me it was measuring 13.5 miles on the half...!!

    not clever!!

    windy or what!!??

    good event though...

  • Yes poor goody bag . Bit of a boring race really , total lack of atmosphere . What was that wristband for ?? And why couldn't they send out numbers Instead of photo Id to get number on the day . 

  • I think the wristband is a requirement for the racing track. I only ever get them for events there.

    I think the half was accurate - most people were just sticking yo the edge of the track and running extra. My garmin had 13.19 and that was when I remembered to stop it after scoffing my Jaffa cakes and wobbling out into the car park.

    Mile markers would have been a nice touch. It would be easy to lose count of the laps.

    That's the windiest race I've ever done so well done everyone - and that marching band was excellent. Playing and doing a half ? Blimey.
  • No times up yet?   someone said you could put your number in and get a print out!!!  

    WTF ?   why don't they tell you this?????

    too late now....clowns...!

  • Results on . Yes got my results from pit lane garage after race .

  • cheers Kevin...1.38.50....doh... think the wind made for slow times.....?

  • Oh free pics - did they mention this in the blurb ? Some events charge a Kings Ransom for your photo.
  • i did the half and as i said on that forum ive complained(unsurprisingly heard nothing yet) and i'd hope everyone else will do the same, a medal was promised but none was given,a massive rip off, an event to avoid and a company to avoid when thinking about races to enter!

  • i would be interested to know much slower peoples times were for this event...taking into account the hills and the extreme wind....

    what was the winners PB etc and how did this event compare????

  • You could google that Jon - look on Power of 10 for the details of the winners.

    I was slower - but I think lack of training was the main reason.

    I'd not think it was a fast course with that climb every lap and the wind buffeting you around.

    Boothy - the medals are a shame - but I'd give them a go for events. It's not a massive rip off compared to some half marathons I could name. I'm really not fussed on 'goody bags' - the race is the main thing for me.
  • thanks cougie ... i never knew about that site...just checked it out and it seems that the winner Dave Norman has been averaging around  68 mins .. for a HM... and Oulton was 73... so i guess we can all knock off 5 mins for our times....which i thought was about right ....!!  thanks again for the info...i am not in a club so not heard about that....!

  • Jon, I ran Rhyl 10 mile the same day and everyone was at least 4-5 mins North of their usual time. 


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