Neutral shoes for use with orthotics

Well, after injuring my back, and the large amounts of inactivity that this involved, the weight piled on and with the fitness regime came shin splints!  These came and stayed with running and did my head in.

After a few months back and forth between physio, podiatrist and rehab instructor I now have a pair of custom insoles.  

With these insoles I need to find a pair of neutral shoes as I was using motion control shoes before.

The neutral list on this website needs a really good going over as most of the shoes in the list cannot be purchased as they are all out of date!

Can anyone recommend a decent pair, sub £100, that would take orthotics? 


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Go to a proper running shop. They will be able to advise you on what you need and will let you try on loads of different shoes to see what fits you best.
  • Agree with Millsy. Plus whatever shoes you buy, you may also have to have your orthotics trimmed to properly fit inside the shoe. Surprised you weren't advised this by the folk who made your custom insoles!

    I use my own custom orthotics in Asics Cumulus road shoes and Brooks Cascadia trail shoes. Both work great for me but may not suit your foot shape. So I'm not recommending them exactly, just mentioning them as a possible starting place for you image

  • P.S. Both of those shoes current model RRP is over £100. But I always buy last year's models online, usually for less than £50image

  • Respectfully, I totally disagree with this advice. I'm wearing the same size Cumulus as I always wore before I got the orthotics. Plus unless you know exactly what you're looking for, you may not be able to tell just by trying them in the shoe whether they fit properly or not...

  • Asics ds 8 on sports for 55. neutral and have great reviews, I just ordered myself a pair.

  • I use Nike Vomeros, a nice neutral shoe with a cushioned ride. I have my orthotics (half) under the insole and it works a treat.

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