Marathon training with a cough?? What to do

Hi. I've had a bad sinus cold for a week ow with a persistent chesty cough (with mucus) I'm training for my first London marathon, I'm running 4 time a week and up to 10miles. I need to be increasing my running but because of this horrid cold and cough I haven't ran for a week nearly. I'm concerned about falling behind with training but I'm also worried about running with the cough will make it worse

what should I do? Train and see what happens or wait till im recovered.? I'm just concerned if I don't run soon it will effect my progress, as race day is on the 13th April. Am I worrying to much? 


  • I really worry about some of these training schedules that only have you up to 10 miles at this stage. As you've found, it doesn't leave you any wiggle room if you get ill or injured.

    But still, that's my two penny worth on that. You need to wait until you've recovered and pick up where you  left off. You might have to revise your targets for the day but you should be fine.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I'd wait until you are recovered and then carry on from where you left off.

    This is one of the reasons why I now (with experience) start my training plans 2 weeks early so I'm not behind if I have any slight niggles or illness.

    What plan is it that you are following?
  • Thanks for the advice. I stared my training in oct (just conditioning.) as I'm not a regular runner and wanted get my body ready. As training seemed to be going well I'm currently following the Virgin marathon plan (intermediate) plans and hope to finish in around 4hr 40mins but I fear I may be pushing my self to much with lack of progress and getting this horrid cold/cough. I will see how I feel I potentially run a short run tomorrow just to see how I fear.
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