Eyam Half-Marathon

Hi if any one would like to car share or has space for a small one in the macclesfield area I run about 2 to 2.25 time depends on knee you can get me on david.frith@me.com


  • David afraid if I do it will be biking it but just in case you can get a bus from sheffield to Eyam and asumming there will be train's via Stockport to Sheffield early enough if you get stuck. Hopefully see you at the start line mate. image

  • Hi cake have a car was just chucking a line out to save traffic in the village will be there am number 56

  • image Excellent not entered yet just waiting to hear if the missus wants to do a tri down south that weekend. Hopefully see you at the start line this is one of those special hilly as hell races. image

  • Ooooh good love hills gives me excuse to plod 

  • i have got my number  though  post   love this race      hopefull will be recovered after Huddersfield marathon  that i am doing

  • Good luck for that have heard a lot of people say how good this one is am looking 4wd  to it 

  • Hi just a call out car poorly so if any one is going through macclesfield is it possible to beg a lift happy to chip in for petrol usual run time is 2:20 

  • Ok now as hired car 

  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭

    this     will be my first  race  in 2 months  due   to leg  trouble  again   so will just be taking  it steady

  • Same here solved knee probs just getting to grips with plantar fasciitis finding rollar of help .best way to take it slow and steady it's not the time that matters it finishing hope all goes well compo 1 see you at the finish line.

  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭

    David   i got  1h52  non stop   i nearly had  to walk on last  hill as my legs felt heavy and dead   but got  through     what a hot  day      i was number runner 25  


    cake    where  you there  today   i am sure  i saw  you

  • Hi compo 1 did 2:24 also walked up the 9 mile hill and then plodded up last set off to Ashbourne next .you did well in the heat was glad of the water to damp me off was number 65 bloke with tattoos on his head  

  • image Compo I had a comidy start. Went out last night for a mates birthday and had one to many. Woke up late pegged it down there on the bike missed the start and them had to do some catching up. Managed not to finish last and think if I add up my delayed start and the finesh time comes to about 2:45 which isn't the best but for that course in that sun happy enough with. image I need to learn to drive one day.image

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