Achilles pain

I've adjusted my running style after the advice of a sports physio, everything was fine until I started to up my weekly mileage, I've started to get to get some pain in my Achilles, I have been stretching my calves and decreasing the mileage but have a marathon coming up! Can anyone give me any advice on the injury or what to do? Any help will be appreciated. 


  • Took me a year to recover from my Achilles injury, wish I had iced it every time it started to ache! Most people have told me that might have stopped the injury. Good luck!

  • Upping your mileage and changing your style are likely to have contributed to your injury
    Unless you take steps now then a marathon is unlikely if it is in the near future.
    What did you see the physio for initially and what did they tell you to do?
    Did they give you rehab exercises to strengthen and condition?

    Achilles are notoriously stubborn to heal

  • stop stretching, don't rub it, start releasing your calf (rolling or getting someones fingers into your calf) and get on an eccentric loading program. No running....yet

  • I saw the pysiohysio for a knurled injury which due to the exersizes I was proscribed has not given me any trouble. It's taken me a while to realise that you should treat an injury early on rather than just ignore it.


  • I too have inherited an achilles injury, I have the Brighton Half Marathon this coming weekend, not too sure if I should be doing it? I ran 14 nmiles on Sunday and aggrevated it quite a bit, I know have an ice pack and gel to help it recover.

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