Flat feet induced shin splits!

Hey I was wondering if anyone has any ideas with the pains I have. Bare with me it's a little long winded. I have flat feet, been to see the Orthopod, got mould made insoles and physio techniques which I do occasionally, not 100% sure the best activities tbh. I used to get pain around the Sinus Tarsi joint in work, I have new clogs for work (I'm a theatre technician so I'm on my feet all day) and these seem to help my ankle pain. When I either go running (outdoor or treadmill) or play football (artificial soft grass) my shins batter me. I'm talking I can't even crouch down on my heels the next day type of sore. They are fine throughout the exercise, except if I exercise again say a day or 2 after the first exercise of the week. Now when I'm playing football I have trainers with little support so I can understand the pain maybe with sharp bursts and stoping etc. But when I run, which I have pretty much given up, I wear K Swiss Tubes running shoes, so the support isn't a problem here. Iv gone through a stage of a month or 2 of not exercising (over the Xmas period) and my shins are fine until that 1 exercise and the following day the pains are back. Any ideas guys? I'd like to play football twice a week and maybe squash once a week but I cannot do 1 exercise without pain for the following 5 days. Iv tried to ice which helps immediately afterwards, however it does not feel like it heals quicker.


  • No ideas?
  • K-Swiss Tubes are probably not the best shoes for running in as the soles are very squishy and even with orthotics/arch supports in them, they will most likely still allow you to overpronate which will aggravate your shinsplints. Custom orthotics are supposed to remove the need for shoes with built in arch support, so get yourself a good reasonably firm soled neutral shoe to put your insoles into.

    My first suggestion would be to try the Brooks Ghost, as that's what worked for me last year with almost exactly the same problem. I'd run in Asics Cumulus for years with very few problems, but developed a roaring case of posterior shinsplints after just ONE weeny little 7 mile run in a brand new pair of K-Swiss Tubes I'd bought to try out.

    Returning to my usual Asics didn't make the problem go away and a very knowledgeable chap at my local running shop suggested the Brooks as the soles are stiffer and wouldn't allow as much stretching of the inflamed ligaments. it worked as a temporary fix - helped my legs but the shoes hurt my feet, and I ended up getting fitted for custom orthotics which allowed me to get back to running in the Asics I love so much...



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    Football isn't running, its hitting things with your feet. Damage assured. Eventually.

    Every middle aged guy I know who has buggered up feet, ankles and knees has played football.

    Goes with the territory. 


  • I have stopped running due to this problem however I am still keen to continue playing football. I currently play in trainers that are incredibly light and offer very little Arch support. Anyone know of any football trainers that help for shin splints?

    Also I understand about the eventual damage with football however I'm only 24 and had shin splints and flat feet for about 5 years
  • work on lots of balancing (on 1 leg, foot rolled out to neutral, standing tall for 30-40 secs blasts) especially when hanging out in theatre, functional glut stuff when you're at home and build upto a minute worth of bent knee calf raises.

    No over night fix, but give it a good 3 weeks or so....

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