Ankle pain...sort of


Went for a run last Thursday, found 4.5 miles really really hard. Returned to running last August and had got to 8 miles as my longest run. Over xmas and January reduced mileage to 3 miles on avaerage. Found the run hard not due to fitness but both legs hurt. Around the ankle and calf area and around the front of the leg, same sort of height as the calf.

Went out again today for a 3 miler, again same pain and having to stop and walk? Its so hard to describe pain, but the pain stops when I stop running! I dont want to go down the road of saying its shin splints but the pain is at the front of the leg as well as around the ankles, just feels very tight. Now I ahve stopped its fine?

Any ideas? The pain resembles what I usually get when my shoes are worn out but I have only done 60 miles in current shoes and they were perfect....gait analysis done prior to selection etc and they have been lovely.


Kind regards Matt.


  • It does sound a bit shin splinty.

    When you bought the shoes, did you change?  Maybe they're not suiting you.

  • They were awesome for about 60-70 miles......cant say i changed as I have returned to running.

    So I guess its just rest for shin splints............gutted.


    Thanks for reply Nose Nowt!

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