Over Training (PLEASE listen to your Physio)

Just thought I'd put finger to key and shout out a waring to you all.


Reason - I am an accomplished runner - countless 10ks, loads of half, several fulls, one ultra, one Olympic Tri and now training for two more Tris this year and a long distance walk. I have had several injuries, ranging from simple cramps, ankle twists and worst of all, IT band. The IT band took me off the trail for nearly a year but with excellent physio I have not had any re-occurrence HOWEVER - planning a long distance walk in June this year, I thought I was quite fine and dandy - NAH ! not on your nelly...

My Tri training consists - not surprisingly of - pool swimming, bike riding and running. I just didn't think that I'd have to factor in much extra to cope with the walk. WRONG !My group of friends, all doing the Hadrians Wall, coast to coast, and all fairly happy with their standard of fitness just 'popped out' last weekend to do a simple 26.5 mile walk. Starting in Otford, Kent, we had a great route planned. I can't tell you how much we all suffered. Stamina was just fine - body impact was what got us. My hamstrings killed. The soles of my feet killed. My knees killed. The others had blisters and aches much the same but essentially we were quite debilitated for a few days after. I would have, and could have, run the distance with impunity. How could walking hurt so much?

Here's what I'm getting at - Even though I thought I was okay, taking the Sunday as a rest day, I swam hard Monday and then cycled hard the Tuesday. It was Wednesday that my right knee went ballistic. Through Wednesday to Friday I was in near vomit inducing pain - unable to bend the knee or load bare. Unable to sleep. I was thinking the worst - operations, re-construction, months out etc.

That Friday I had an emergency appointment with my physio who admonished me with such a look of disappointment. His first words were "Why did you do the walk with no prep and why did you not rest after?" With his examination my fears of horror injury were dispelled BUT it was close. I had put bruise on top of bruise. I just hadn't let my body recover and OVER TRAINED. My knee was in massive protest and I have been ordered to rest for 3 weeks.

Before ANY dynamic physical activity change - enter it at low revs and work up.

Get advice from your physio or someone already in that activity.

Rest after such an activity.

Listen to the clues the body sends you.

Don't assume that with your present activity fitness, you'll cope with a new activity without the need to build up.

Cheers.. Mad Pete (The clue's in the name!)



  • Ha ha. You sound like a complete girl. No offenceimage

  • Sorry girlsimage

  • If I listened to my body, i'd never get out of bed   image

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Some of us have enough capacity on board to weigh up a situation and judge it on its merits as regards one's self.

    Others find out the hard way. 

  • Why does everyone have a physio these days?

  • I'm about 10 months injury free. I've learned all I know from trial and error. Lots of error!! But at least I learned from it. Let me hope I can can go a year and beyond with no injury. 

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    I've seen a physio only three times. Twice in a week in 1988 and once in 1990.

    They are not a quick fix. Your body will repair at the same rate regardless. 

  • I've seen a physio once ,,,

    You're born

    You get married

    She turns out to be a bitch

    You take up Triathlon to get out of the house

    You die


    Life need be no more complicated than that

  • Philomena wrote (see)

    Sorry girlsimage

    I should think so too imageimage

  • sounds like unaccustomed activity syndrome

  • I think physio's are mostly snake-oil salesmen. I agree with RicF that the recovery rate isn't going to improve with seeing a physio. My experience of physios is that they charge you £50 to tell you to stretch more, and not overdo it. Duhhh.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    I suppose I should add that it was the last physio who said most injuries were made worse by people digging their fingers into the area which hurts the most.

    I've said this elsewhere. Keep your hands off.

  • Walking uses slightly different muscles to running also it takes much longer to walk a distance than to run it.  Add to that wearing walking boots which don't really give much especially when compared to running shoes and carrying a rucksack and you can see why you wound up at your Physio...  Whilst it sounds odd that you need to train for the walk when you are already fit it does make sense.

  • There's a clinic at the end of the road where the physios have repaired me a couple of times in the past decade. Used sparingly, physios and masseurs are good.

    What's the OP's beef? Can anyone summarize his novel in two sentences?

  • He trained for a triathlon but then was surprised by how much a long distance walk hurt. The physio told him to rest.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Summarized in two words.

    'Caught out'.

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