Taking no chances

Just tried to renew my membership to the SCVAC. Not successful. I think they are a little touchy about security. As in:

First of all a web site that sends you around in circles. Second, that you can't renew direct to SCVAC, you have to go through the BMAF and their web site. You can't access their web site unless you are registered. 

If you are registered, you have to have passwords etc. Mine didn't work but apparently I'm already registered. I tried 'forgot password' and received an email, but no password, just a 30 digit string to type in. It didn't work.

I resorted to trying the two email addresses to those that can help, but they have special barriers involving passwords that repel all attempts to make contact.

Shit! its only a 'Vets' club and cost about £15 to join. A basic form to print off and send to an address is all it takes.

Makes me wonder if they want members or not.

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