New-ish Runner- First 10k done!


I have only posted briefly on one other thread but have been a lurker for a while now.

I'm a fairly new runner, well, actually, I used to to run as a sprinter, then decided to do distance, then stopped running about 6-7 years ago.

I decided to start running again in 2012, but it wasn't an easy road to where I am now. In Sep 2012, I injured ligaments in my knee and that needed rest. Then in January 2013, I dislocated my shoulder and again rest advised. Then I had surgery on my leg for another matter, got told I would not run any distance again.

So I took up running again in October, I still have trouble with my leg now and then, so runs are limited to 3 times a week- one long run is only 5-6 miles at the moment on Dr's orders. I generally try to do one treadmill work out which incorporates some hill work. I generally run 5k twice a week and try for 10k on my long run.

Hopefully, I will get the OK to start putting in more miles soon.

Current pace can vary between 10.30 mile and 12.30 mile. I'd like to get down to 10 min/mile, consistently and I would be happy.

Race Wise, I've completed 2- 3k Santa Run, Nick Beer 10k. Races enetered- Great Birmingham Run, Thunder Run (Team) and I've also got into GNR. I'm also planning on doing the 10k Trailblazer too.

I don't really have any marathon ambitions.....yet!

Very sore after my 10k yesterday, not sure if it was the hill/winds and maybe not stretching enough or if it is just me!

Not in a club and don't think I will be joining one just yet as I feel too slow and heavy but maybe next year I will!

Look forward to chatting with you all xx


  • hello,well done on getting back,i have got back to running after 20 years away,just started last november and now i my long run is about 10k as well.

    It all seems daunting but i can feel i am getting fitter and you will too,you have probably got age on your side as well,so keep it going !!

  • Thanks Bill.

    I'v been to my first Parkrun today and really enjoyed it. 

    Going to start to build up the miles now image

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