kinvara 3 ankle chafe- vandalism tips please

marrowsmarrows ✭✭✭

just got my 5th pair of kinvaras in the post. Good old kinvaras.. but it seems like the material on the back of the heel is stiffer or comes up higher on these kinvara 3s than my old kinvara 2s, and it rubs around my achilles.

Rather than send them back (faff of returning + faff of finding something different) - can anyone suggest how to stretch/soften/trim the offending fabric?


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    I had this problem with a pair of Kinvara on one run, but realised it was due to my sock sitting too low on my ankle.  It was easily solved by pulling my sock up.

    Based on this, if your socks don't cover the spot where it rubs, I'd cover that spot with a plaster for a few runs. The repeated bending of the shoe fabric where it catches your achilles should soften it up and remove the problem.  If this doesn't work you can then take the scissors to the top of the shoe to remove the excess material.  

  • Thanks both!
  • Man up - I love your answer. It's like something I'd do. Hahaha
  • I had this problem with the 3's they did loosen up after a few weeks and become as comfy as the 2's the shoe design has a higher heel but they rectified it in version 4!
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