Dizzy spells??

On an average of 8/10 runs I keep going dizzy, feeling disorientated. This causes me to stop, re-focus for around 20 seconds and then run again feeling back to normal. Sometimes it makes me feel quite sick. I have no idea what's causing this? I always make sure I eat at least an hour before and always carry water with me. I never experienced these dizzy spells pre knee problems (diagnosed last August) and now on most runs I get dizzy! I'm running the Brighton marathon and really don't wanna have to be stopping every so often because of these dizzy spells.. Anyone else suffered anything similar? Or have any idea what could be causing them? Help needed, thanks image


  • Someone posted about something similar recently and was diagnosed with vertigo.

    Might be worth getting it checked out by your doctor.

  • Yeah, I was thinking it could be something to do with my ears.. I often get ringing after going to classes at the gym.

    I'll go and get it checked out, it's just so annoying coz I worry about the marathon in April!

    Thanks image
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    I have been known to get dizzy but it's pretty much 100% food/sugar related and it sounds like yours isn't (might be worth taking a gel or a bottle of lucozade when it happens just to be doubly sure).  If it's not vertigo/ear related, have you had your BP checked?  It could be low.  

    I hope you get it sorted soon anyway so you can do your marathon.

  • Might be your new "skins"

  • Two possible reasons have already been mentioned: sugar levels, and vertigo. I'd like to comment on the last. People who have inner ear problems that affect balance (eg Menieres disease) often also have tinnitus. In my case they were associated with many childhood earaches. Impactful aerobics and running can provoke tinnitus, see http://www.livestrong.com/article/308626-exercises-that-worsen-tinnitus/. Therefore, I speculate that the impacts can also provoke a pre-existing balance condition. (It's something I've not thought of before - I'll have to experiment on myself.) 

    In any case, we have discussed only two possible causes. You should ask a doctor's opinion. After all, you have already paid for her!

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