Socks for winter wet

I live on Dartmoor so as you can imagine at the moment my off road runs mean wet feet from start to finish. Running cold water on the flat grass, water soaked peat bogs and swollen freezing cold streams!

I have Hilly Trail socks and I always end up with frozen toes/feet from pretty much the start to the end. Not great on a 2 1/2hr run.

Any suggestions on which makes would be better? I have thought about some SealSkinz but surely if they are waterproof they will just keep water in when I have to wade across streams?

Thanks all


  • I would also like to know which socks would be best for this type of running
  • DryMax? realistically you are going to get wet so ones that dry out quickly? 

  • I have hilly twin skins, you want something that doesnt retain the water and swell. you're quite right, you want shoes and socks that drain, not "waterproof" stuff.


  • Thanks folks.  I'm happy with wet feet, it's numb toes I struggle with!  Someone also suggested to me North Face midweight ultra socks.  I've ruled out SealSkinz now after reading some posts and comments - sliding feet / not draining / not quick drying.

    Anyone tried Thorlos?  Which model?

  • After many years of struggling with cold, wet feet in the winter, I have come to the conclusion that any sock with a significant wool content is the way to go. They may not be quick drying but do retain warmth when wet. I used to use Hilly trail socks but the quality has gone through the floor of late. Now using More Mile Vermont - 2 pairs for £10 @ startfitness

  • Merino wool; Hilly or Icebreaker

  • 1000 mile trail socks seem to be quite effective - wool content could well be the key

  • Thank you all or your posts. Really useful and helpful tips!

    I totally accept and I am happy with getting wet feet. But it was the fact that the feet then stayed cold for the remainder of the run which was the issue.

    I should have thought about merino and wool socks as I have a merino/woll base layer which got a soaking the other week and yet I was warm. Didn't think about it much until this conversation about socks.

    Funny, how things just make sense all of a sudden!

    Cheers All image

  • You could give these a go....

    I did 5 hours wet through last weekend and my feet were toasty warm.
  • Ah yes. Jo Meek who runs with my Tavistock club wears these. She wore them when she came 2nd in Marathon des Sables. Not sure if she wore them when she won the Coastal Challenge in Costa Rica the other week. Will have to ask
  • Agree on wool.  I use Bridgedale hiking socks.  Work well for me - no blisters, even after hours with sopping wet feet.

  • Smartwool phd socks for me all year
  • thorlos ones .dry out very quickly.not cheap but I always run in them now as the wool makes a difference

  • Thank you all.  Wool / Merino it is from now on!

  • as daft as it sounds i have a pair of sealskinz and on one trail run i knew i was going to be knee deep in water and the thought of water inside the sock was not so appealing. I put a strip of insulation tape around the top of the sock sticking it to my leg (not too sticky that it rips the hairs off when you remove it), and it worked perfectly, the water ran straight over the tape, outside the sock and feet remained bone dry. Do that everytime now and works perfect.

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