Pure Flow 3

I have tried these now for a week in the Brooks Try-it-on project.

I loved original pure flows, hated version 2 and moved on to Sketchers GoRun Ride.

Pure Flow 3 - quite like these though I am not sure if more or even as much as the original edition. The fit is very nice, they are not as flexible though as Sketchers. Would be interested in other people's views?



  • Currently trialing the Pure Connects (my last run tonight before I take them back and report). Used to love Cadence 1. got Pure Grit 2 and hated it. Thought I'de try these. They look to fit the same as the flows, which for me is a bit long and narrow-had to go up half a size but seem a bit long now.

    The good is, that I don't notice them on my feet when I run, but all the same thwey seem a bit unremarkable and overly fussy. They don't deserve the name 'Pure' anymore. I don't think I'll buy them. I'm going to try the new Inov8 Tri-Extreme 225 instead.

  • well, I think version 3 is certainly an improvement on 2.. I went for the last run tonight stopping every so often to change shoes just to get the feeling of how they compare to my Sketchers - I think the fit is very good for me, though I can feel the edge of the tongue on the lateral side. Nice cushioning, not very flexible - but with history of PF it's probably good for me - I decided to keep them. 

    Innov8 extreme I think are quite minimal? After dabbing with barefoot style, I decided I like a bit of cushioning after allimage


  • I'm assuming by the weight that the 225 won't be too minimal


  • ...just been informed the Inov8 is 16.5mm stack height image

  • @SSLHP right, no so minimal after all image

    @Flob they are probably as cushioned though less bouncy, if this makes sense.. Fit is actually what I prefer to Sketchers - nice and snug over mid foot and arch, wide enough in toebox

    Rides feel like comfy slippers more than pure flow


  • I had the flow.  Quite hard but they "flow" or roll.  Only did 4 miles as I had tonsillitis.  Quality upper though.

  • I think the saucony kinvara is far superior to the brooks flow range, it has the weight of the connect with the cushioning of the flow! I used to like the brooks before I discovered the kinvara too but now can't bear to put them on!
  • I looked at the Kinvara online and the taper on the big toe side near the front put me off. It just looks like it would rub

  • I've never had any toe rubbing problems but I guess it depends what shape your feet are ????
  • My big toes doesn't taper in like the shape of those shoes!. It's normal LOL

  • No less toe room than the brooks IMO apart from version 1 that had quite a taper!
  • Pure cadence 2 are a winner for me.  I have a noticeable bunion on my right foot so was wondering how the split toe box 'thing' would impact and it hasn't. They are so comfortable and I'm lumping 13 stone plus round over half marathons. 

  • How do the sketchers size up? Are sized accurately? I'm a size 8 shoe in a brooks. Cheers
  • touie2 wrote (see)
    I think the saucony kinvara is far superior to the brooks flow range, it has the weight of the connect with the cushioning of the flow! I used to like the brooks before I discovered the kinvara too but now can't bear to put them on!

    I  do some of my faster road runs in Kinvara 3's.  Having tested a pair of Pure Grit's (both on road and trail), I feel the cushioning is much better in the Pure range  Once the Kinvara's have had it, I'm going to move to Pure Flow.  I guess I have been spoilt wearing Ghost for the last couple of years. 

  • I'd say the sizing on brooks is slightly smallerthan sketchers - my usual running shoes size is 7 ( including sketchers) but I take 7.5 in pure flows
  • Before I changed to Hoka (4mm drop) I ran in Pure Flows and Kinvara. I liked the earlier versions of both shoes, and also liked the Pure Flow a lot. Bought the latest Kinvara end of September 2013 and did not like it at all. This later version was smaller at the toe box. The Pure Flow 2 was higher at the ankle and did not seem right for me. As I said, I switched to Hoka (trail, road and a mix variant) and am happy ever since.

    BTW I have one pair of brandnew Pure Flow size 9,5 UK (men) for sale in de box ith the tags attached if anyone would be interested in the old version.

  • got some Sketchers and Brooks Pure Cadence off Amazon.  The Brooks are fab - long ran in them straight out of the box.  The sketchers felt bloody awful - the toe-box rubbed my big toe and the strengthening for the laces also rubbed - and that was just walking around the house.  They are going back!  

  • go run ride 2's.  They were horrible... the toe box curls around the side of the toes and the stitching on the top of it was pressing into my big toe, likewise the stronger materiel that held the laces - it was too long so pressed into the top of my foot - otherwise they were a good width (quite wide I would say) and the sole felt right, about a 4-5mm slope back to front and quite spongy.  Not exactly a decent review as I only wore them for 5 mins around the house, but just didn't feel right in them so back they go.  I found them on amazon for about £50.  

    In fact, here you go... http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00B5JSR50/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1


  • I didn't look at the kinarvas but found the pure cadence for about the same price.  The cadence is meant to be a bit more supporting than the flows and therefore meant to be a bit more pricey.  

    Ouch - just looked at those too - I paid about £50 for them but they have gone up to £85!  

    Good luck searching!

  • Picked up my Pure Flow's last night.  I took them out for a spin, fully intending to do a short, slow run (4km/20min).  However, I set off and quickly found myself in a comfortable fast paced rhythm. The cushioning is plush without being over spongy and they just felt right straight away. I ended up doing 4 minutes quicker without really feeling it. I'm not saying the shoes made me 4 minutes faster, it's just that  I normally do this run at around that pace and they felt good.

    I am a relatively lightweight (62Kg) neutral runner, and a mid/forefoot striker. Having used a pair of Kinvara's for the last 6 months or so, the transition to the Flow's isn't such an issue for me.  

    First imressions; very positive.

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