Nearly new Vibram FiveFingers for sale.

For sale. 46M - Vibram Fivefingers Komodo Sport LS - Black/Blue. Less than a mile run on track in them. Mint.  Owned by a fungal free athlete.

We're 5 mins off M54 J2 - 10 mins off J13 M6.  

I can meet in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Sutton Coldfield, Stafford, Stoke and Walsall, etc as I visit all areas weekly. 

Cost £105 - looking for half that.

Fit a size 12 UK foot using Vibram's sizing guide. 

If you're that way inclined with big old feet . . .


  • we're allowed classifieds here now?

  • Oh, and I can throw in a transition program of exercises and recommended sessions as devised by the nice people at Dublin University who are carrying out research into barefoot running.  Apparently, they're the leading centre of knowledge in this area. 


  • skotty wrote (see)

    we're allowed classifieds here now?

    Apologies if we are not - looking back there are precedents. 

  • Nope this might help you ---

  • i think the term Cazzed seems appropriate here image

    it will be soon anyway.....


  • Apologies if I upset anyone - e-bay was the route to go.  Sold within half a day.  I genuinely just thought that considering the website's obvious close connections to Christopher McDougall's fine book that they might provide someone with a cheaper segway into minimalist running. 

    Nothing more sinister than that image


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    What's his connection with the gear section of the Runners World UK forum?
  • Christopher McDougall, I believe, is/was editor of Runner's World US.  I would imagine that there is a reasonable attachment rate between readers of the physical publication and users of the website and forum.  While I have no data to substantiate it, I presume that many serious runners read both the US and the UK versions of the forum, website and Facebook page - along with many other running forums.  Considering the huge volumes of the book sold on both sides of the Atlantic, the concurrent increase in interest in barefoot/minimalist running and the subsequent rocketing sales of said shoe - I felt it safe to say that it was relevant no less so because of the scholarly article that was provided with it.  

    Or, were you just being deliberately obtuse?

    Now, I get it - I have been a member of other, unrelated forums, where Mr Gomzumbo creates an account and then proceeds to spam the place with a list as long as your Fibula of branded footwear available in cut-price dollars.  All you need to do is send your bank details to his hotmail account and bing, bang, bosh you will be the proud owner of the latest pair of Adidas Boost 3 . . . or, an empty bank account.  Clearly, this post was none of the above, offered none of the associated dangers and most importantly was offering something of real value to anyone who had great big clown feet and wanted to transition to barefoot running without torturing the achilles.  

    Maybe I have misjudged this forum - maybe it's a bit too cliqué to dare offer others a pretty good deal on a pair of running shoes that seem to be in demand currently.  Certainly, the velocity at which they were snapped up might suggest that it was a bargain for someone. Don't worry - I don't have a boot full.  I don't want your paypal details - they've gone.  Posted today.  Vamoosed. 

    I, Fleming-like, will take myself to a darkened room and self-flagellate wildly as penance for my heinous crime.  That should cure me of any Nigerian tendencies.  

    Thank you so much for showing me the error of my ways. 

    /Waits for some suitably passive aggressive reply.

  • TLDR


  • I'm a coach it's simple the rulesof the site say no sales... Sorry if you are a coach would you tell a runner in a 800m race to only run 700 as that would do or do you tell them to be boring and stick to the rules and run all 800? Rules really are stupid, or maybe not... 

  • What does cliqué mean?

  • been on this forum for 9 years and never heard of christopher Mcdougall...


     there is no forum heading for sale of items which along with the terms and conditions might have made it obvious that it isn't done on this forum....

    we could have hundreds of threads daily of people trying to sell their second hand discarded shoes, kit and knickers...

    someone helpfully suggested ebay which worked for you...I notice that you did not have the manners to thank them at all......

     and yet you feel that the people on here are the rude aggressive onesimage


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I thought he worked for Men's Health?
  • literatin wrote (see)

    What does cliqué mean?

    Sounds like a posh Champagne to me...

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I thought it was what you went to those Irish theme pubs in the 90's for.
  • Steady on Millsy...


  • What can I say? I'm such a rebel.  Ban me. 

  • So why hasn't this dickhead been banned? Remove him.

  • Banned? I'm not sure anyone cares enough to be honest.

    You'll have to try harder than that if you want to make an impact Coachy.

  • Ban him? No ...
  • Screamapillar wrote (see)

    Banned? I'm not sure anyone cares enough to be honest.





    Seemingly enough to comment.

    Screamapillar wrote (see)


    You'll have to try harder than that if you want to make an impact Coachy.

    Impact? - I'll leave that to my work on the track.

    Philomena - *Yawn*

  • Wow. I'm impressed. You replied for me.

  • I thought my comment was pretty clear. Nobody cares enough to ask for you to be banned.

    Somebody was threatening to punch somebody in the face the other day - that didn't get them reported so you've got no chance.




  • "I'll leave that to my work on the track" And the Bafta for the most dickhead comment goes to...

  • I'll put next to all the other awards - thank you.

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