Brooks Beast

Hi, I need some new running trainers for my long runs, currently in Asics Kayano. Im a slight overpronator and 6ft 3 16 stone.

Was wondering if these are a good shoe for long distance pain free (ish) runs. Whos got a pair, why did you buy them and are they any good?



  • I used to run in a par of Beasts. Loads of cushioning and and a good shoe for the heavier runner.

    I've  dropped a bit of weight now and need less cushioning but I would say that they are worth a try for your frame.

  • Thanks Chris, im used to wearing a lightweight shoe so not sure on the extra weight of the beasts.

  • Dan, I believe "The Beast" is a motion control shoe, suitable for the heavier, over pronator. I would advise you to try a pair in a specialist running store where they allow you to run round the store, or on a treadmill.

    I haven't any personal experience of the shoe, but many years ago when I first started running, I bought a pair of "Brooks Chariots" which I believe were the forerunners of "The Beast" but they didn't suit me as I was a lightweight. I bought them in ignorance, as I knew nothing about running in those days.

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