Suspected bilateral inguinal hernia....

Hi all, I need some help with pain relief. I have a suspected bilateral inguinal hernia still to be confirmed next week with an ultrasound. It's now got to a stage where it is just to painful to run. I had to stop after 8 miles this morning as the pain in my groin was so intense. I've tried the normal route of painkillers but nothing seems to help. Is there any other treatment I can try other than to stop running. I am running for a charity at the VLM so I am still trying all routes to get there. If I continue to train will I encounter any long term consequences from this. Any help would be greatly appreciated......


  • If you have severe pain in your groin, regardless of cause, I'd say that pretty much precludes most other forms of cross training.

    I think you'll just have to wait for a proper diagnosis and accept that there's a chance you might not make to to the start line this year.

    I'm sorry if that's not what you wanted to hear.

  • Thanks screamapillar, your right that's not what I want to hear, lol. Saw GP today and he has prescribed Naproxen to see if it eases the pain. Like I said ultrasound next week for a proper diagnosis, what this space!!
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