Haha new ultra plan :)

Ok this is the Steph plan. 

Run7.5km would take me around 48m with heart rate in the 120s

Then walk until timer hits 1 hour That would be about another 1.1km so 8.6 in the hour, then just keep repeating.

when the watch beeps for the hour, see how far you have gone and gently run another 7.5km then walk to hour beep.

if possible do most of the drinking and eating in the walking section. 

Take 10-15m breaks at pit-stopsimage

Hey presto image

Repeat as much as possible.



  • Oh and it probably only works on flat races. 

  • Don't think its daft at all.  Solid walk/run strategy with food breaks built in.  Yes, you may need to modify for terrain.  

  • You might surprise yourself by making the run segments even waaaaaaaaaaaaay shorter. Why would you run 7,5 K and take a break after that? I ran my 32 mile training run with a RWR regime and was pretty quick for an easy training run on that distance. I was very very conservative and could have continues for ages longer. That said, I compared it to another training run (about 12 miles shorter) and found out that I was way slower that time and.... I took less walking breaks and ran longer!

    Just give it a try on 1 run. The BIG secret is: start taking the walk breaks at the START and it will give you wings at the end. Don't wait untill the end or untill you are tired.


  • I guess if I half it, it's almost the standard 25/5 haha! I'm a wimp I think I fancy 24/6 image

  • Nope I don't mean walk breaks that long. I am talking about ratio's of say 1min/30sec upto 4min/1min. Your legs won't like you for taking a walk break of minutes and minutes and it won't bring you anywhere. Shorter run segments, shorter walking segments. During the walking segments you have pleny of time to take an image, drink or eat something and it is just enough to prevent tiredness

    Just read one of Jeff Galloways books and a whole new world will open image I tried my first RWR run in January 2012 and it took me some more months as to finally adapt te real training regime (as from September 2012). It works great, times improve and I feel great.

    Don't think you are 'no runner  if you do an ultra or marathon RWR! I did a half marathon RWR, started at the back, took my first break after 3 minutes and had lots of comments of spectators. But.... I was pretty quick and overtook soooo many people image It was great fun to be honest, especially since it was only a slow training run for me image

    You have still plenty of time before the Hadrians Wall, so just give it a try and think about it image

    Run 2 runs, one as you normally do, one as I suggested and see the difference. I won't be surprised if your training with RWR is quicker image And more important: feels sooo good



  • I will play, I've got MK Marsthon in May where I am going to crack 4:30 for the first time then it's ultras through to Winter100 image so getting a lot of hard and some fast running in at the moment the after MK it is time for this sort of experimenting image

  • Let me know how you are getting on. One thing though, if you are going to like it, stick with it for some time to see how your body responds to this sort of training. Buy one of the books and see what works. It is a subtle combination of all the training elements not only the RWR although it is just a good thing to start with image

    Happy running and good luck with the run in May 

  • GeeeMGeeeM ✭✭✭

    Sounds really sensible - I prefer a 25:5 minute ratio on flattish courses, otherwise it's all effort based depending on the terrain - i.e, walk the ups, run the downs and jog the flats.

    120 is low, I train using the Maffetone 180-age+5 which gives me a training max of 142 - but, if you're happy at that level then good news, you should be firmly in the aerobic zone at that level image

    one thing I found from doing lots of this sort of training last year was that I found it REALLY hard to run for an extended period as I was so used to taking walk breaks! So, this year I'm trying to run for long, extended periods at a low HR, (sub 142 for me) 

    you you also might want to look at nutrition a bit, eating smaller, more often - look for 300-ish calories an hour. I find 100 cals every 20 minutes easier than one block of 300 an hour! Drip-feed it in, you should be able to digest food at the pace/effort you are running image


    good luck...

  • Tried a 4:1 ratio on today's run.  Bloody brilliant!  Fastest AND easiest long run in ages.

    Need to figure out how to combine it with hills.

  • image told you. Just look ahead and skip a break if you see a hill. Also try other ratios! Be silly, try 1/30 and remember 2/30 is the same as 4/1 and it feels different
  • I have an 18m Mara training run tomorrow, but I want to try this out instead hehe image 

    12:3 image 

  • Never used the Run/Walk setting on my Garmin 620 image

    so configured for 12/3 and will see how it goes, I think one of the keys will be learning the right pace to go in the run section image

  • Peronel:  on quite flat slopes just keep going with it and on hills walk them and just run the downhill and  keep going until next walk if it's still downhill then skip one walk section, as you did the walk bit going up. 

  • Playing, 

    only way to learn what works for me is to try different things, so what the heck image 

  • 29km in 3:34:51i'm alesys very slow n only a training run.

    did my first proper run walk as an experiment 12/3 for 90 min then 8/2 for an hour then last hour 4/1.

    4/1 way easier i must admit. Also I think 4/1 was the quickest, even though I'd been going for 2.5h through muddy fields.

  • Did 3.5/1.5 today, which gave me a relaxed walk break with plenty of time to eat and drink.  Was it fast?  No.  But I was amazed how easy it felt.  And it was faster than the cutoffs for SDW50 and SVP100, which is all I really care about.

    Unqualified success.

  • Peronel: Yeah I'm getting my marathon in May out of the way which i'm running as hard as I can for a PB via P&D then after that it's Ultra Season for me until October, So i'm going to possibly do a lot of 4/1 for that and see how it goes.

    Just power march steep hills, and then 4/1 and see how it goes... My two biggest are the Ridgeway Challenge and Winter 100. Very excited about them now image I might have a plan image

  • 5 MPH without killing me, I don't think i've a chance in hell of Sub 24 for the 100 as i'm sure i'll drop off a lot, but so happy as my 29k was only an average of 131 heart rate, the max today was only 143. My max is 184/185 

  • @ booktrunk: glad you discovered it yourself, did not want to sound like a busybody but 3 minutes is actualy also too long since you will almost recover fully and that is NOT the issue. 4/1 is much better and you can even try other ratios image

  • image Will be playing come May  


    Hi everyone,

    I'm signed up to run The Wall on 20th June (2015). I myself will be running and my girlfriend very much wants to come and support me. I've emailed the customer service at Rat Race and they said that they will not be providing help in transporting spectators between pit stops/ from the beginning to the end.

    I'm writing to ask anyone if they have any spectators driving between pit stops who my girlfriend could travel with. I would offer to pay for petrol.

    This would mean so much to me and my girlfriend if anyone could help.

    My email address is [email protected]

  • felix..for that to work .surely you would have to be running about the same speed as the other person who is being supported.....

  • Yes I understand that would have to be roughly the case if I was planning to meet at every pit stop.

    I was just wondering how other people are accommodating their spectators it doesn't necessarily have to co-ordinate exactly but if anyone has any supporters seeing them off for the beginning and cheering them at the end I would like to know/ any suggestions of how to get from the race-start to the finish; or start to halfway then to the end.


  • I'm just amazed anyone would have supporters at an event!

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    having support helped me fail as I could just be lazy and call my oh. 

    it was still my own fault / failure, but without support I might just have slogged it out knowing how I'd have had to hang around just as long, so I might as well carry on. But with oh n a comfy car a call away I wimped. 

  • I need to start some run walk training with only 3 months until race to the stones.

    Think I'll give it a go in Sundays 20 miler. Will try 4:1. Going to be difficult to do it mentally, as I'm so used to the mindset of walking being failure (unless it's a v steep hill) but I need to change my outlook for this race as it will contain lots of walking anyway and I may as well have that walking interspersed evenly throughout the race and be reasonably comfortable, rather than run the first 30 miles and then have to do a slow, painful slog for the second half.

  • cotswolds.....I love the walking part so much that I have to remember to start running again...i tihnk that i might migrate to the ramblers soon  image

  • I'm sure that will be the case for me in the actual event seren!

    My other worry is that I always feel quite guilty about buggering off on a long run, leaving my wife to look after our son, so I always try to get them done quickly, which is obviously not the best idea for a long run. Am aiming to get out the door extra early on Sunday. Not needed my head torch for a little while so might have to dig it out.



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