New to Running - Any Advice!?

I'm 22, 5.6" and quite overweight. I lost over two stone last year and go in to a really good routine of exercising regularly. It's slipped in the last two month and I've finally made a decision to throw myself back in to it. I love spinning, that's where I really push myself. But my Dad is a hardcore triathlete with many many many races & ironmans under his belt, so I have agreed to run my first 10K with him this year.

I am using the 'coach to 5k' app on my phone initially because running has never been something I have particularly liked doing. I've done my first week and have been out come despite the gail force wind and heavy rain. I'm feeling positive about it but it has been quite hard.

I am determined to be able to run the 10k by October (Is this realistic given I have never run before?), it would be a great achievement for me but I have found the first week hard. I'm VERY slow - does that matter? Even on the 1 minute runs, i'm sometimes completely out of breath before the end.

I'm wondering am I still okay to do 1 or 2 other exercise sessions in the week so I can still fit in a spin class?

In my first week, I have been running outdoors, how much of a difference will it make if I train on a treadmill? Should I alternate? - from a previous attempt to start running a few years back, I think I prefer running on a treadmill.

Any advice or pearls of wisdom for a beginner?!





  • I started in the gym training wise, over a year or so, i only ran on a treadmill. Went out with my boss once for a run outside, went to quick, hated it.

    Then stoped for a bit and using the mapmyfitness app, started running outdoors on my own. Started to quick and eager early on, lots of getting out of breath, but settled down after a few weeks :P. Now i cant stand running on a treadmill.

    if you enjoy spinning, then GREAT! image, keep doing it. its  a good break on your joints from running, and builds "supportive muscles" im told :P, which i think is good image.

    will you manage a 10km by october? im going to say yes image, probably manage it before then, but FIRST,. aim for the 5km as your doing. (its at this point i always recomend checking out Parkrun, and finding your nearest parkrun event, free weekly 5km run/jog/walk every sat morning). Build up to the distance steadily. Let it take a few weeks to get there comfortably, or however long the app takes you. Your trying to get your body used to the impact and exersion of running. make some sort of a note on times or distance, and realise that as the weeks go on, you're getting quicker and going further, and that confidence boost will spur you on image.

    You can run, and do the other exercise sessions, just try not to do them on the same day. gives yourself rest days as well image, you body needs chance to recover and heal etc.

    Treadmill will do less impact damage on your joints, but dont JUST do treadmill running. It is quite different to running outdoors, and you need the training on pavement as well to build your joints up to the impact as well.

    good luck and keep at it image.

  • Treadmills  are easier, so I'd make sure you still keep doing some outside running, but if it suits you better then do most of it on a treadmill. 

  • Thanks for all your advice!! Run 4 today so will be trying it on the treadmill. Thanks!!

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