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Looking for a little advice. I got a stress fracture above my ankle on the inside of my leg last August and stopped running for a few months. The doctor said it wasn't that severe of a fracture and should only take a few months to heal. I ran a little during November, but took all of December off. After running about 20 miles in January, I pressed on the spot where the stress fracture was and I felt a little pain. Nothing too bad, but I stopped running since. I'm anxious to get back out there, but don't want to risk having to wear a boot again. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, 


  • Hi Drew

    I have had three stress fractures. Metatarsals right foot (out for 9 months), left foot (out for 6 months) and the lesser trochanter which is part of the femur (out for 3 months but caught it early)

    They are all different and depending on location can take a long time to heal. The bone should be healed by now, provided it had enough rest. I experienced pain and discomfort when I returned to running after each of my fractures. This pain / discomfort can continue for quite a few months. I sometimes still 'feel' these SF's and I had the last one two years ago.

    I found this site very informative, especially as it is basically a blog by an elite runner who did a thesis on bone recovery.
  • I often recommend Exogen for fractures, particularly those that show delayed healing or non union.

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