What piece of kit does this go on? A speed/ cadence sensor (can I get a decent one for that?), foam roller (cheaper than £50 I know), save it towards new wheels for my defy. Any other suggestions?


  • Depends what you don't have allready...

    We can't offer advice otherwise

    GPS Watch


    Top the list
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  • I never saw much point in getting a footpod for running but now I think it's great. You would need a watch to communicate with though. Cadence and speed sensor would make a big difference too.
  • Probably should have said I'm new to tri. I can run, i am improving my bike fitness, I can swim, slowly. I have decent goggles and swim gear, bike is a giant defy (it's ok), running gear, I pretty much have what I need, come April/ May I'll get new running shoes. I guess I'm looking at something to improve my biking . Currently using a wattbike pro and their training plan for my first 50mile road race in May.

  • Hi Pele I am quite new to tri also but not to cycling and recently started using a cadence sensor which has made a massive improvement to my ability to run off the bike following long rides I would be lost without it now and would definitely recommend using one.

  • Another vote for a speed/cadence sensor - I like the Cateye one's (wired are more reliable than unwired) and less than £50.


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  • a good bra and pair of socks ...


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  • M...eldy wrote (see)

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    Think of it as an investment.

  • Tri Wire Miss Happy, cadence sensor it is then. Another question,  wired or wireless? 

  • Wireless

  • I'd buy Tri shorts before a gadget. Have you got Tri kit already?

  • If you already have an Ant+ watch you can't go wrong with this speed cadence sensor for £17 far better than the garmin one used to use

  • I've had both and find the wired one more reliable, they are great for using on the turbo too.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • That looks interesting Duda - thanks for the link.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • That does look interest duda... Was thinking about buying another garmin one but now this has given me something to think about. Cheers!
  • It works great with my 310XT I had to go into settings to get them to communicate at first but once done I have had  no problems. 

    The problem with the garmin ones is they have no seal on the little arm piece so eventually water gets in and they break down and at £45  that's cra@p

  • My Garmin sensor on my road bike is on its second winter and still works fine (and I ride in almost all weathers) and I've never paid more the £25 for one.

    But I'm with Meldy .... beer, or Guinness would be preferable please. image

  • You're training for a road race on a watt bike ? Is this a bunched road race ?

    I'd spend the money on club membership if that's the case.
  • What mouse said  good quslity psir of tri shorts comfort is kingimage

  • Midweek is on a wattbike due to work. Weekends I'm out on my road bike. I'm going cadence sensor.

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