Strange Pain

I am currently training for the London Marathon and the Reading Half Marathon.  Training is going well with 2 short runs per week and a long run at the weekend, currently achieving around 15 miles so am on course.

However, last week I went out and after around 11 miles I was getting severe pain in my left knee when running.  Its ok when I walk but is agony when i run.

The pain seems to be on the outside of the knee and "appears" to go down the leg.  There is no swelling or any indication of injury.

I took a week off from ALL exercise and attempted a run this morning but after 2 miles the knee pain returned with a vengeance.

Two weeks until the Reading Half, My training has gone well, I have been "practicing" my race day routine for past few sundays so I was feeling physically and mentally  but now this!

Any ideas?



  • Possibly IT Band issues, but quite often they also show up when walking down or up stairs.

    look up IT Band. iliotibial band or however it's spelt, and see if that is along the lines of your problem, if so lots of stretching and strength training and possibly massage. 

  • Thanks for the reply, I did consider this but wasn't sure my symptoms were an "exact fit".

    However further reading highlighted a key piece, "running faster is likely to be less painful" and this was certainly accurate in my case.

    So a return to the gym for some strength work and plenty of stretching

  • Im biased but get a physio assessment so you at least know what the issue is so that you can received practical advice. It will be worth the £50 just to get the right information and provide taping/neural glides/electrotherapy/manual therapy/ stretches etc to get through the half or at least ready for the London. Luckily physios don't usually rope you into '10 sessions' so if its only affordable to go once let the physio know so they can give you as much advice and self help as possible.

    If you are struggling at 2 miles it is unlikely you will make it the whole way. I have had several patients recently who have had to pull out of the Reading half due to over use injuries in the poor running conditions at the moment. 

    The cause may be many things but if there is no specific injury it is likely to be an over use issue. Neural irritations can often settle quite quickly with the right 'glides.'

    If the pain stops you running then this is a good indicator you should get it checked out. Good luck and hope it comes right!

    Nicole Jones MCSP



  • Thanks for responding PhysioWizz

    I have booked a physio appt, will keep you posted

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