Shoes for XC

After many road races over last 2 years I have decided to join the local running club to do some XC so need to invest in some trail shoes but don't know whether to get them with spikes or not??

i know it will depend on just how muddy/wet a course is as to whether I will need spikes or not but don't really want to buy to 2 pairs...... Would normal trail shoes be sufficient for most XC courses?



  • Depends on what you call "normal trail shoes". I lot of what are marketed as trail shoes will be no good for your average XC; you usually will need something towards the fell shoe end of the market.

    Most XCs in my part of the world tend to be largely on grass but there is the odd one with some tarmac so spikes are out for those. I personally use an Inov-8 x-talon which is fine for most XCs and will cope well with a small amount of tarmac. Also has the added benefit of being an ideal race shoe for most trail/multi-terrain races. The down side is that you could probably buy 2 pairs of spikes for the same price!

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